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May 8, 2011 06:51 PM

Best Rajas in New Mexico?

I am totally addicted to rajas and looking for recommendations in eastern/northern NM (anywhere near the 285 or 64 - we are in Carlsbad and will be traveling north to Santa Fe and Taos, and then west along the 64 to Farmington).

We are vegetarians (my 9 year old son and I are on a two year tour through the US) and prefer casual, local restaurants.

Thanks in advance for your help!

(P.S. My favorite rajas are from La Super-Rica in Santa Barbara - in case you have ever been there.)

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  1. Maybe other Hounds will correct me, but I don't think rajas are all that big here in NM. It seems like they're mostly served in areas of the country with a large population of Mexican immigrants from Puebla.

    The only place I've seen them on the menu consistently is Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe, and there they were just mixed in with other vegetables in a little clump near the entree. They weren't all that great, so if you're used to good ones, I wouldn't recommend it. I've seen them offered as a burger-topping option at a couple of places, too (like Rio Chama), but never as a stand-alone dish, even at Mexican restaurants. They might have them in the cafeteria at Pro's Ranch Market in Albuquerque.

    Rio Chama
    414 Old Santa Fe Trl, Santa Fe, NM 87501

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      The first time I had rajas was in Santa Fe - at a place called Old Mexico Grill. I don't think it exists anymore, but it focused on upscale Mexican, not New Mexican cuisine. I order rajas en creama on grilled chicken breast. I was already familiar with poblanos (as used in rellenos), but this was the first time where the strips were the star.

    2. So weird, after I posted here I saw a Groupon email for a coupon from Antonio's in Taos and looked up their menu. Turns out they have rajas in crema like Paulj describes. The Groupon deal is pretty good, too -- $15 for a $30 certificate -- and it's on for another day.

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        Thanks to both of you! I will check out Old Mexican Grill (see if it is still around) and Antonio's - the Groupon is a bonus - thank you!