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May 8, 2011 06:36 PM


Anyone have any comments about Sixteen? I'm interested in hearing what y'all have to say.

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  1. We enjoyed our meal there but it was Oct. of "09 so not currently relevent. Service was very good and and the view is outstanding. If you go, reserve early and ask for a window table. Food was great too but could have used a bit more quantity. Not cheap.

    1. I went this February. I really enjoyed it. The dining room and the view were great. Service was good, if a bit humorless. I liked the food - great products and great execution - proper Michelin 1-star cooking, but nothing unique or challenging (if you go, it won't be for their creativity or concept). They know how to cook their risotto and seafood, but desserts were forgettable.

      In my mind it felt like Tru (circa 2009), as even though the food per se was good but not great, the overall experience was pleasant. I'd recommend it for a special occasion.

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        I went there about a year ago, and my impression was similar to mountsac's - food that was good but not great, and an experience that was pleasant albeit undistinguished. I had hoped for food that would be really impressive (Frank Brunacci is a well-known chef, after all) but it just didn't "wow" me, although nothing was dreadful either. "Forgettable" - that's a good word for it.

        I liked the room; it has an odd shape because it's very tall, and one wall is a curved glass wall, all window allowing a nice view of surrounding buildings and a sliver of the lake. And there was ample space between tables, allowing for a feeling of privacy (although the room was somewhat loud considering the space - not awful, Publican-loud, but louder than I would have expected).

        I wouldn't recommend it for a special occasion; there are plenty of places in Chicago which will wow you, and they're not just the super-expensive ones, either.