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May 8, 2011 03:58 PM

SF Summer Wedding


I am getting married in the SF bay area in late June and, as wine novices, we are looking for some recommendations for wines to serve at our wedding reception. With a lot of guests coming from the bay area and likely much more up on wine than we are, we want to serve something appropriate yet not bank-breaking. Asking for some help!!!

Here's the rundown:

- menu is tri-tips of beef with peppercorn sauce, roasted chicken with mushroom sauce, or salmon with mango salsa
- ceremony and reception are at the same venue and both indoors (in the Palo Alto, CA area)
- preferred budget is in the $10/bottle range
- we would prefer northern California wines
- we would like to limit the number of wines to 1 white and 1 red, but we would consider having 1 rose, if it made sense
- if there are any suggestions for a good sparkling or champagne, they would be welcome

Thanks so much for your guidance. I'm much more of a beer guy and way out of my league with wines!


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  1. a) Nothing wrong with serving beer, in addition to wine(s).
    b) Whatever suggestions you get, your best bet would be to go to a highly reputable wine shop -- are you on the SF Peninsula? check out K&L, Beltramo's, Wine Club (among others) -- and have a party . . . buy several of the wines they recommend, taste them with your fiancée, and pick the ones you like most.

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      We will definitely serve beer in addition to wine, but want to have wine available. I don't live in the SF area so doing local tastings will be difficult. The wedding is in Belmont, CA.

      1. re: riesj

        So -- regardless of where you live -- put together a tasting of readily available national brands, based upon reliable recommendations from your knowledgeable local retailer . . . then check out K&L's website (or Beltramo's or Wine Club) and see what they have that you like . . .

    2. It's much easier to stay in that $10 a bottle price range if you'll consider imported wines, particularly from France, Spain and Portugal. Even Italy, with Di Majo Norante. Domestic wines have a tough time competing at that price point, even good wines from places like Lodi.
      I agree that K&L and Beltramo's is a great place to start looking. If you'll consider imports, then also check out Spanish Table and Oddlots, both on San Pablo Avenue. Spanish Table is in Berkeley and Oddlots is in Albany.
      For a nice special sparkling wine that doesn't break the bank, consider something from the Loire Valley from Huet or Foreau.

      1. imho for great quality/price ratio for sparkling wine, it's just about impossible to beat Gruet. But it's from New Mexico, not No Cal.