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May 8, 2011 01:07 PM

Miracle Noodle now OU kosher

from ou website Newly Certified Products:

Strumba Media LLC. D.B.A Miracle Noodle
West Hollywood, CA

Brand Name: Miracle Noodle
Product(s): Fettuccini, OU
Konnyako Rice, OU
Shirataki, OU

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  1. A couple of versions have been OU for some time now. Not a big fan.

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    1. re: ferret


      However my daughter seems t like Tofu Shirataki but only the Fettuccine one. I am forever running to Key Food to pick it up for her.

      1. For anyone who's interested, Amazon has a deal on these, $12 for 6 packages if you click "subscribe & save" (you can cancel it anytime after the order goes through). And free shipping with Amazon Prime (most people should qualify for a free Amazon Prime membership).

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        1. re: ferret

          what do they taste like? The wikipedia page for this (actaully the substabce that it is made from) was WEIRD

          1. re: vallevin

            Tastes very much like nothing (you do need to rinse it a bit before use) and it takes on whatever flavor you throw at it. I'm not especially fond of it but people do like it.