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May 8, 2011 01:04 PM

Orange blossom water??

Does anyone know where I could find orange blossom/flower water? It's used in Indian cooking and (also great for your skin). I was going to start checking around at Asian/Indian food stores, but if anyone could steer me to a place where they know I can find it that would be great appreciated.


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  1. I bought some at the Somerville Market Basket last week. I'm pretty sure Whole Foods carries it too.

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    1. re: LeoLioness

      I bought both Orange flower water and rosewater at the Somerville Market Basket. Good-sized bottle for $2 each. Can't testify to quality comparisons with other sources.

    2. Pretty sure I've seen it at Russo's as well.

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      1. re: tartandfit

        I've purchased it at Watertown middle eastern markets along the Mt. Auburn corridor.

        1. re: tartandfit

          Russo's has it, as do most of the Armenian grocers in Watertown...Arax, etc.

          1. re: Madrid

            That's where I bought mine, along with Rose Water (although I couldn't tell you which one). Was all set to make a recipe for 10-minute Baklava found on the web (Lebanese food blogger), but never did make it.

        2. funny, i do not think of orange water in indian cooking, but i immmediately associate it w/ mediterranean cuisines. As the others have told you, the armenian/turkish/lebanese markets in belmont/watertown>> arax, sevan, eatern lamejun.

          Eastern Lamejun Bakers
          145 Belmont St, Belmont, MA 02478

          Sevan Bakery
          599 Mount Auburn St, Watertown, MA 02472

          Arax Market
          585 Mount Auburn St, Watertown, MA 02472

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          1. re: opinionatedchef

            Also Massis, which is a block away from Araz and Sevan along Mt. Auburn Street. Eastern Lamejun is in a completely different area than the other three.

            1. re: PinchOfSalt

              Eastern Lamejun is a couple of blocks away from the 3 above - not a bad walk on a nice day, and an excuse to eat lunch at Shangri La :)

              149 Belmont St, Belmont, MA 02478

              Eastern Lamejun Bakers
              145 Belmont St, Belmont, MA 02478

              1. re: okra

                Moved to this area a few months ago - Shangri-la is a new one to me. Thanks for the heads up - watching what I'm eating right now (translated: got to get this weight off of me before it does me in completely!). Did a search - I think I'll be trying it as soon as I have one of my self-designated treat-days!

                1. re: threedogs

                  This might not be the board for those looking to avoid tasty treats... :)

                  1. re: okra

                    Tell me about it. I've already stopped my email notices - then started them up again. Think I'll need to step away for a bit!

                2. re: okra

                  I live in the area and respectfully disagree about the distance. Here is a map that shows all four groceries. One could certainly walk, but looking at the scale, it is more than a half mile.


                  1. re: PinchOfSalt

                    Did the distance w/that google map link to Eastern Lamejin's fr Sevans - says it's roughly about a half mile. *If* I wasn't having this danged problem w/my bad knee (really frustrates me) - would easily walk that distance on a nice day.

            2. Don't know where you live, but the Whole Foods in Framingham and the Shaw's in Ashland both carry it. Both stores put it with their Middle Eastern groceries, on the top shelf, the last time I checked. It was next to the rose water.

              1. Also seen it in the middle eastern markets in Haymarket.

                Blackstone St, Boston, MA