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Any ideas on good lobster dishes in Montreal? Don't feel like going to Red Lobster and I've already had the lobster poutine at Garde several times, looking for something different now.
Any other suggestions are welcome!

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  1. "La Salle à Manger" had a very good lobster salad last year; don't know if they will have the same again this year.

    Other than that, I never really eat lobster at restaurants.


    1. Currently on La salle a manger's menu are the lobster salad and a lobster club sandwich. I tried both and loved the salad but not so much the club. Nouveau Falero on Parc makes a mean lobster roll.

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        Any idea how the rolls at Nouveau Falero compare to those in Boston? Personally, the ones in Boston have always lacked acid for me. Maybe that's the way it's supposed to be?

      2. all I could find on la salle a manger's menu is a lobster bisque :/

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          The web site is not and never was up to date. (as in many if not most restaurant web sites)

        2. You couldn't go to Red Lobster even if you wanted to!

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            i think there's one in Pointe-Claire? either way....

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              There are no Red Lobster's (resto chain) in Quebec. The franchise doesn't exist here.

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                The Red Lobster in Pointe-Claire closed down over 10 years ago..

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                  there's homard plus on gouin by roxboro station
                  same deal

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                    Homard Plus is a little more high end than Red Lobster, and it's not a chain. It's a family owned resto that has two locations.

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                      it's very similar to red lobster and not very good - kind of trashy

            2. Ice House has a lobster burrito, but I haven't tried it.

              1. Muvbox should be opening soon for lobster rolls

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                1. The Lobster and Sweetbreads at Le Filet is out of this world

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                      Mont-Royal st W. , just in front of the tennis court

                  1. thanks for the suggestions everybody

                    1. Any restaurants other than magnon do lobsterfest?

                      1. Lobster ravioli at Holder in the old port on mcgill street

                        1. Ryu on Laurier just east of Parc has a lobster and crab taco and a tempura with lobster tail,
                          I have not been there but read some good reviews

                          1. Since no one has mentioned them, I'll add the lobster roll (guédille) at Au Pied de Cochon and the lobster spaghetti at Joe Beef. They are both iconic dishes at these restaurants. The lobster roll can easily be shared by two people, and, although I've never had the Joe Beef dish, I think it's the same case for the spaghetti.

                            Joe Beef
                            2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

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                              The lobster spaghetti at Joe Beef is amazing, the sauce is a nice rich lobster bisque with some bacon and then you get a whole lobster on top of that (tail + claws)

                              Joe Beef
                              2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

                              1. re: westaust

                                Is it a regular thing on the menu? How much is it?
                                Are there other restaurants that do this dish but with maybe more mediterranean flavors? I've seen it only in Greece but have never ordered it since it is close to 100 euros.

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                                  It's a cool $50, or enough to feed a Little League team at nearby Greenspot.

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                                    Not bad at all! I will have to make it there some time soon.

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                                      La Chronique is having an all lobster tasting menu at 100$ per person without wine. The menu is on their website, and it looks yummy!

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                                    Lawrence has a lobster spaghetti on their menu for $25 tonight - it was $18 at lunch.


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                                      It's a more reasonable price. $50 for lobster spaghetti at Joe Beef sounds outrageous to me.

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                                        It all depends on the quantity of lobster they put in theirs relative to the price. I had the lobster spaghetti at joe beef last night, and they put a whole lobster on top of the pasta dish, from the size of the meat pieces, it was at least a 1 and 1/2 pound lobster, full claws, knukcles and tail.

                                        But then joe beef is not an inexpensive place to start with i agree

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                                        Thanks! Too bad I didn't see this earlier. Maybe they will serve it again soon during lobster season.

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                                          They've got it on the lunch menu again today, so maybe they'll have it at dinnertime again tonight! http://twitpic.com/4zp3sa

                                2. Ginger Lobster or cantonese lobster served at many chinese restaurants. I like tong Por's but many swear by Keung Kee.

                                  There is another thread about Cantonese Lobster on chowhound.

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                                    There's a great special at P&M.

                                    2 Lobster for 30$. The one I had weren't small either.

                                    1. re: vanierstudent

                                      there are better deals in chinatown

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                                        maybe, but they do it typhoon shelter style(i think its refereed on the menu as spicy) and its a better version then most version I've tasted it in Chinatown.

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                                          There are better deals, fine but where?

                                    2. couple of lobster specials ...

                                      Lobster spag @ lawrence is very good, with a tomato sauce a bit spicy (?) but just barely.

                                      Lobster "risotto" @ La Buvette Chez Simone : safran rice with muchrooms and a big chunk of lobster on top of it. @ $18

                                      Lobster roll @ Salle à Manger, good size portion, but the roll is some kind of brioche that I ate part of it.

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                                        Lobster spag @ Lawrence - I guess the dish is inconsistent or has been tuned since I have been. I had it two weeks ago and: 1) Lobster was overcooked; 2) The whole thing was pretty favourless 3) pastas were also overcook and sucked-up much of the "sauce"/oil that should have been part of the dish

                                        Result: felt like I was served a dish that just got out of the microwave (okay, I’m pushing it a bit…)

                                      2. Les 400 Coups restaurant just started a lobster tasting menu this week. It's 5 courses at $75 per person.