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May 8, 2011 09:12 AM

Favorite/Best Korean Cook Book

What is your favorite/best Korean Cook Book?

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  1. this is not an answer to your question, because i don't have any korean cookbooks, but two GREAT resources are hanna one here on chowhound and maangchi on the net.

    hanna one has tons of recipes here, and maangchi has videos and a site where you can see the finished dish, along with recipes. she just won a youtube award.
    maangchi is a sweetie-pie, and she deserves the award.

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      Maangchi also has three ebooks you can download off her site. Print them book style and staple in the middle for your own book.

      I've tried a number of her recipes and she's great.

    2. Growing Up in a Korean Kitchen by Hi Soo Shin Hepinstall

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        I have the book and like to read it because I like her stories, but I think her recipes can be overly complicated. May be a little overwhelming for beginners.

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          They are more complex than some but the results are superior to many. The OP did not specify that they are a novice. You are right that it may be a bit much for a novice cook but they are well explained and tested.

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            True, I have no idea how familiar the OP is with Korean food. I am also a crap cook so that probably explains part of the difficulty factor.

            1. re: uwsister

              lol, Have you tried any of the recipes? most of the pancakes are pretty easy as well as the spicy buckwheat noodles, pan fried fish and many of the grilled items.

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                Yes - I remember I made kimbap and some kind of stew. The stew recipe in particular I remember being more complicated than it needs be. Still like the book though, it's a good read.

      2. I think it depends a bit on what you're looking for/how familiar you are with Korean foods. For me, "Korean Cuisine" by Young Sook Choi was a great one to start with because the recipes are simple, straightforward, and there are pictures of key ingredients. It's not a comprehensive book but a good intro to Korean food and I've given copies of it as gifts to several friends. I still cook from it fairly often (I've been cooking Chinese, Thai, and Indian food for years but only began dining-out and cooking-in Korean when we brought our first son home from Korea 5 years ago).

        "Growing Up in a Korean Kitchen" is a great read but I've only made a couple of things from it. Someday when I have more time I would like to explore more of the recipes. I remember reading a review somewhere that said it was focused on the more complex dishes of palace cuisine.

        "Discovering Korean Cuisine: Recipes from the Best Korean Restaurants in Los Angeles" is a fun read too and has beautiful pictures. I've made a couple of the recipes from that book, too.

        The book that I'm cooking from the most these days is "A Korean Mother's Cooking notes," by Chang Sun-Young. I picked up a copy on my last trip to Seoul (it's been revised, but since it seemed like the second edition contained all the same recipes I went for the first edition) but you can get it from Amazon:

        I second (third?) the recs for hannaone and Maangchi's site, as well as Aeri's kitchen. Aeri put an ebook together of her recipes, you can download it from several ebook retailers:

        1. My only, and therefore favorite, Korean cookbook is "Dok Suni" by Jenny Kwak. Can't compare it to others, but the recipes are very straight forward, well explained, come out well, and tasty.

          1. I enjoy Maangchi too, but her recipes are sometimes quite different than the way my mom makes things.