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May 8, 2011 09:01 AM

Looking for recommendations in Varenna (on Lake Como) and Padua Italy & lunch in MIlan for July!!

Planning trip to Switzerland & Italy in July (staying in Wengen) then on to Varenna, Italy and Padua, Italy for 3 days each. Any recommendations for either Varenna or places nearby or for Padua for lunch or dinner would be greatly appreciated. Also while in Varenna, we will be spending one day in Milan (going down and back by train) to see the Last Supper and the Duomo. This happens to be a big birthday for one of our family and I am trying to arrange a nice birthday lunch at a location near the Duomo in Milan.

In Varenna, we are staying at the Albergo Milano, which I understand has a good restaurant so I have reserved there (lakeside table) for the first night there.

In all locations, looking for good food, not too fancy, and willing to take taxi (Milan) or boat (Varenna) or walk to nice spots!!

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!!

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  1. In Padua, you should stop for cafe at Caffe Pedrocchi, Via VIII Febbraio, 15. We had a wonderful Cafe Pedrocchi there - obviously the house specialty.

    If you have a car, I recommend lunch at Trattoria Tre Scalini on Via Castelo in nearby Montegalda. We had a wonderful lunch there and would return in a heartbeat!

    Caffe Pedrocchi
    via VIII Febbraio,15, Padua, Veneto , IT

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      Caffe Pedrocchi is on my list!! I will look up Tre Scalini next!! Many thanks!

      Caffe Pedrocchi
      via VIII Febbraio,15, Padua, Veneto , IT

    2. how was Albergo Milano?