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May 8, 2011 08:05 AM

which cookies freeze well?

I need to make a large number of cookies for a wedding, and due to logistics I'll need to freeze some or most of them. I've never frozen cookies, though I know many people do, and I'm concerned with the texture of the thawed cookies. I was hoping baking chowhounds could point me to varieties that freeze better than others so I could bake those first and perhaps save the more delicate ones for the last minute.

I've been asked to make
alton brown's thin chocolate chip cookies
thin and crispy oatmeal cookies

I'm also planning to make
coconut and lime sugar cookies
chocolate cookies with peanut butter middles

and toying with
orange shortbread
cakey lemon cookies with frosting
chocolate crinkles

Any and all advice appreciated.

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  1. Most cookies freeze well, provided they are handled properly. The most critical thing to remember is that they need to be cooled to room temperature, then cooled to approx. 40 degrees, then vacuum sealed before freezing. The thawing process should be a simple reversal of this procedure.

    1. I've frozen snickerdoodles before without any problems (I think they had been in the freezer for 2 months. My family kinda forgot about them...) We just stuck them in the fridge one night to defrost them a bit and then took them out a couple of hours before we planned to eat them and as far as I can tell the texture/taste was fine. Hope that helps!

      1. Most cookies freeze well. If there's frosting, however, you'll have to separate them with wax paper or perhaps frost them after you take them out of the freezer and thaw.

        1. I regularly freeze biscotti and they are perfect. I use a 1 stick of butter to 6 eggs and 6 c of flour mix off the top of my head though 2 sticks of butter is a bit softer.