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May 8, 2011 07:42 AM

Kosher Marshmellows- "Regular" National Brands- The Final Kosher Frontier??

Any chance we will ever see main line, mass market kosher Marshmellows? Or is gelitine the deal killer. Was looking at the giant sized Campfire marshmellows at the supermarket this week and wondering if we ever will get good kosher marshmellows, Not a big fan of the current kosher offerings on marshmellows.

Any suggestions as to brands to try in the mean time?

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  1. I was eyeing those too; they look so good. But, yes, I think gelatin is the deal killer.

    1. either liebers or paskesz is better than the rest. i can't remember which one. sorry. less like cardboard. we find that when we toast them--and we do quite often--it's still a treat when smashed between two grahams and some chocolate. the gelatin will always be the nail in this coffin.

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        I actually really like the Elyon brand. I'm not too fond of the others.

        1. re: tamarw

          That's because Elyon is the only one that uses beef-based gelatin. The other brands use either Fish gelatin or Agar-Agar seaweed.

        2. re: cappucino

          Paskesz is the best by far!

          a marshmellow connoisseur

        3. Making your own is not as hard as you might imagine, but it's never going to be as easy as going to the supermarket and picking up a bag.