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May 8, 2011 07:31 AM

Toronto's Best Halvah


There was a thread years ago but it needs updating.

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  1. I had some halvah from Akram's in Kensington yesterday that was good but not as good as some I had from Montreal last year. I hope you get more responses!

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    1. re: crawfish

      I will try Akram's halvah.

      I just returned from the Middle East and hoped to find some of the amazing food I enjoyed there in Toronto. Unfortunately this post and the other I posted on sabich aren't yielding copious results.

      To avoid having this moved to a different forum I'm going to post the same question on the Quebec board. Could you answer with your Montreal info on halvah? Thanks!

    2. What is halvah? Are there more than a single version?
      This isn't the south asian halwa , apparently.

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      1. re: garfield

        There are lots of versions -- this is referring to the Middle Eastern sesame-based version, a firm candy with a slightly flaky/feathery texture. Amazingly delicious.

      2. Highland farms has a few types of halvah. I prefer the Greek one, cannot remember the name though right now (not Krinos), it's in the cheese deli section. The Lebanese pistachio one would get a second place because of too much sweetness - but it has extra pistachios as well (this one is in the International foods aisle).