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May 8, 2011 07:00 AM

Mediterranean Food shop / Restaurant in Tokyo

Could you recommend a good Mediterranean Food shop / Restaurant in central Tokyo ( I live in Minato ku)? If it serves some Vegan food, that would be even better! Thank you.

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  1. I like Benoit in Aoyama, and Cicada in Hiroo. "Mediterranean" covers quite a bit of ground though - Spain, Morocco, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt. Did you want something more Middle Eastern / North African?

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      That's find. This place Ryu(=lieu) is a Cost Performance one!! A garden inside the Hotel Niwa in Suidobashi, the chef Horiuchi has suceeded in the concept 'Olive Oil+French Mediterranean' to combine fresh products, herbs  plancha grilled main...of a menu for diner at 4800-yens (starter, main, desert) and a lunch from 1800.-yens to 2200.-yens (salad vegetable buffet, main, coffee)
      The best table, if you can book in advance, will be a table near the garden...

    2. I love Tharros, a Sardinian restaurant in Shibuya - your vegan friends will do fine with some of the tapas plates and vegetable dishes.
      My company has a lot of vegetarian staff, which makes organising a work function a bit of a nightmare. The most successful night out we have had was at David's Deli in Shirokanedai/Mita - everyone's dietary needs were catered for (omnivore, pescetarian, vegan, kosher), and the food was pretty good, too. Was kinda ironic going to an Israeli restaurant for a Christmas party though.