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May 8, 2011 06:25 AM

Rome - looking for places to eat near piazza Zama

I lived in this neighborhood about fifteen years ago. Now, my wife and I are visiting Rome, and we'll spend an afternoon poking around this mostly residential neighborhood not too far from San Giovanni.

Does anyone know of any good restaurants near piazza Zama?

I remember eating absurdly well at Ristorante Terra d'Abruzzo around here - anyone know if it's still open?

How about the seafood restaurant, Columbine?

Neither has a website, but considering the profusion of small restaurants in Rome, I'm trying not to read much into that...

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  1. I have the perfect place for you!
    L’Opificio. Via Albalonga 46- Roma. Tel. +39 06.7000910
    Newish, and very good.
    And if you have room, you can stop by Pompi, on the same street, for a tiramisu.

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    1. re: minchilli

      Thanks, Elizabeth!

      (We've been reading your blog with great interest, by the way...)

      1. re: seastreet

        I fully agree with Elizabeth's suggestions...and if you have an iPhone/iPad I suggest to download also her app EatRome!

        Sorry I can't help about the restaurants you mentioned, Seastreet. I have never been there neither heard about them.

        It is not a restaurant but it can helpful to know that not far from piazza Zama there is a pizzeria making one of my favourite Roman style pizza (and good supplì too). It's named Da Cocco (Circonvallazione Appia 37). It is a very "basic" place with some outside tables.

          1. re: minchilli

            It's my pleasure!

            Coming back to the OP I've asked to other TR friends and another choice in the area is "Roberto e Loretta...quelli di via Gabi". Very different than Opificio both in terms of food and environment, it is good if you are looking for a cheaper lunch/dinner with traditional Roman food. The location is via Saturnia and the name come from the street (in the same area) were the same Owners had a popular restaurant (Alfredo) few years ago.

            1. re: tavoleromane

              Thanks. I've been informed by my wife that something a little more low-key and trattoria-style is going to be what we're looking for, so this might be the ticket. (Though Opificio also looks ridiculously good...)

      2. re: minchilli

        one more vote for opificio (try the amatriciana!)

      3. There used to be a Michelin star place right on the piazza, Severino, but it's long gone. There's a place called Domenico somewhere around there. The original San Crispino gelato is around there too. And long ago I used to go to an Abruzzese place on the same street as S. Crispino (which wasn’t there yet), via Acaia. I think it was called Ovidi. We used to call it "the brothers", so maybe it was Fratelli Ovidi.

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          Interesting. Via Acaia 52 was definitely the address of the place I used to eat at. It was run by three brothers from Abbruzo, and they were ancient in 1995... I can still taste their saltimbocca in my dreams. They always gave us all a free amaro of our choice - really nice fellows. Do you know if Ovidi's still there?

        2. I am also searching for this elusive restaurant before going to Rome later this month. Did you have any luck in 2011?.