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May 8, 2011 06:22 AM

ISO uncooked turkey parts

This week's NY Times recipes have me wondering if there is anywhere local that sells turkey legs.

I've never seen these anywhere.

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  1. Gelson's almost always has legs, wings and thighs. I think the thighs are nicer to cook with because there's less cartilage and tendon.

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    1. re: Layne Murphy

      Any places with less, ahem, "interesting" prices? I have this recollection that all the major groceries, until a few years ago, regularly used to sell uncooked turkey thighs in the meat section (the inevitable by-product of selling "turkey breast tenders") but when I went in search last November, I could find none at the usual places...

    2. Whole Foods Markets has turkey legs. The prices at the stores I've called (orange County) are $1.59 - 1.99 pound, which is to say very competitive. Plus, from my research, I learned that they buy whole turkeys and cut them into parts in-house, rather than buying cases of pre-cut parts. That assures a daily turnover of turkey parts. For that price plus a reasonable chance of buying drumsticks that haven't been in their freezer for weeks or months, that's where I'd get mine.

      Here's an article on how to smoke these at home, plus a list of other sources in OC.