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May 7, 2011 06:34 PM

ShangriLa dinner for Motown chowhounds

We had a great noodle fest at Raymond Wong's Shangri La on Cass in Detroit. Wonderful wide variety of pork/chicken bbq buns, cold peanut noodles, seafood noodle soup, thick noodles, cellophane noodles, pad Thai, and some others I can't even remember. Very generous servings and the chef made this all just for the 'hounds. Raymond Wong is a gracious and generous host; possible dim sum feast in the future. Great to meet up with Jan Primus, goatgolfer, rainsux and others.

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  1. is still here. Huge portions again! Great cost! Great people! Food Was good!

    I am just going to say it....I still feel like we are being served Gringo style.

    Great to meet you BB and you hubby, always good to see GG, VTM, Doug and his wife, Wooderson, Erin and I am not sure who everyone else was down the table.

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      Agree Jan --- great fun, great company!