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May 7, 2011 06:01 PM

HELP! No parchment paper

Making a crustless quiche for brunch tomorrow. Realize recipe calls for parchment paper...don't have any! Can you substitute aluminum foil?

I CAN'T go back to the grocery store and deal with the throngs..


PS I know you can't use grocery bags or waxed paper....

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  1. How does the recipe want you to use the parchment?

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    1. re: chefj

      It says, " Grease and line the bottom and sides of a 10-inch quiche mold or springform pan with parchment paper."

      1. re: chefj

        The recipe is actually called Crustless Quiche Clafoutis if that's any help.

      2. assuming it's to line the pan - I have made mini crustless quiches (very eggy, though) in nonstick muffin tins and it worked fine. I am wondering if the parchment is to help you get it out of the pan. Are you using a nonstick pan? Are you averse to serving from the pan? Aluminum foil + cooking spray just might do the trick...

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        1. re: pamelak52

          No, not adverse to it- anything is better than going back to the supermarket right now!!