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May 7, 2011 05:46 PM

Mother's Day - what do you want someone to cook for you?

I was trying to think of what I want for for Mother's Day. As the cook in the house, I would love to have breakfast that I didn't make - something other than cereal! Preferably a pork roll, egg and cheese sandwich.

How about you - if you could have someone cook you a meal, what would you want them to make you?

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  1. Anything cooked with love.

    1. Anything grilled, chicken, corn, veggies, shrimp, fish..and a nice green salad., A slice of Coconut Cake with Pineapple Filling would be wonderful.

      1. You know, I was just hinking "Taylor Ham", even though everybody else in my house thinks is 'meh.

        1. We celebrated Mother's Day a day early for my mother in law and I made her what I would have wanted - Short Ribs braised in red wine and stock, carrots cooked to death with the short ribs so they were achingly tender, mashed potatoes (which I did not eat, I made them for the others), baby lettuce salad, and for dessert a Mixed Berry Tarte (I made a sugar-free, crustless version for me).

          If my husband were to make me breakfast tomorrow, I wouldn't care what it was as long as there was some bacon.