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May 7, 2011 04:31 PM

Kolaches in Madison?

My boyfriend has very fond memories of kolaches his grandma used to make. Normally I would make some myself but our kitchen is too small to do any baking and I have never had one and would like some basis for comparison. Any ideas about where I can find some in the Madison area or within a 50 mile radius? I know about the Cesky Den festival in Hillsboro but I don't want to have to wait until June!

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  1. Did you hear that there is now a Kolache food cart in Madison? It's in front of the Geology Building at UW. Haven't been but I'm hoping they're good! I make kolaches at home, but I cheat and use a bread maker.

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      It's called BJ's, and I tried the sausage jambalaya kolache at Isthmus ala Carts (sort of like a UN summit of food carts hosted at Olin Park). The filling was a little one-note, and the note wasn't sausage. But it was buttery and delicious on the outside, tender and filling. Worth checking out.

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        In my family, kolaches are a small, round, sweet cookie with a thumbprint-sized indentation filled with a sweet filling, either fruit based or poppyseed. Other recipes are similar but fold flaps of dough over the filling.

        I've never seen sweet kolaches for sale in or around Madison. However, if you're up for a drive, Montgomery MN's Kolachy Days celebration is June 27-29 this year. Otherwise, if you can find some space to use for rolling out the dough (dining room table?), making them at home isn't so bad.