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May 7, 2011 03:42 PM

Home sick

I just move here from NYC...I love the DFW area..but frankly I am tired of cajun and mexican food...I am a die hard NYKR ...where can I find some great Jamaican/Trini food and some Puerto Rican/Dominican food... alor of links are dead ..adn lot of resturants are closed...I love my TEx-MEx brothers and Sisters but I need my carribean fire to help counter the heat of Texas..any suggestons? drop a line I really want some oxtals and some cabbage..maybe a double or two...pastellas??? ropa vieja, chcihcaron...and some to die for Flan!!! I will even settle for cuban or colombian food. Anyone know where you can get some heart stopping cheese cake???? All you five borough folks step up...let me know whats up...

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      1. Both Puerto Rican restaurants that were in the area (Mi Tierra in Arlington and Isla Mia in Carrollton) have closed. I like Taste of the Islands in Plano for homecooked Jamaican/Trinidadian food. I also know of Island Spot in Carrollton and Scarlet Ibis in Addison but i have not tried either one. No guarantees that any of these places will match up to a former New Yorker's standards though...

        Also - does anyone know if Elaine's Kitchen is still open?

        For Colombian you have either Casa Vieja or the El Portal bakery, both in Carrollton.

        Casa Vieja
        1927 E Belt Line Rd Ste 152, Carrollton, TX 75006

        El Portal
        6121 W Park Blvd, Plano, TX 75093

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          Island spot can be hit or miss. If the owner is there the food is good, if not then not so much. Don't expect fast food or service though. They run on Jamican time man...