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May 7, 2011 03:04 PM

check it out

The wife and I have been missing our favorite Cambodian place in the Twin Cities since we moved, so we were extremely happy to see Sekong by Night open up nearby us in Central Phoenix. (Indian School & 12th Street)
We visitied today (Saturday) and the place was really pretty enjoyable. My wife had the seafood soup (squid, shrimp, fishballs, a variety of greenery and noodles), and it was delicious. I had the chicken curry which was pretty tasty as well. While I was given a spoon and fork and my wife chopsticks and spoon (she's Korean, I'm not), the service was exceedingly friendly.
While I haven't been to cambodia, my wife is korean and I've lived in china for a long period of time and we like to think we know good asian food. This place is in our opinion one of the better places in town...assuming you don't like any of the McAsian food they serve at most places around town. You don't get more authentic than one of their soups that has pig uterus, heart, and liver in it...(didn't try that one, lol)
This place I believe is relatively new and I'd encourage you to try it - not only because I think you'll like it but I don't want them to go out of business!!!! They're currently the self-proclaimed only Cambodian restaurant in AZ.

Sekong by Night
1312 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85014

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  1. Coincidence. I was just reading the Phoenix New Times review this week (link below). A favorite spot when we lived in Boston was a Cambodian place called Floating Rock so I'm a big fan of Cambodian food. I've been missing loc lac and was happy to read that they have papaya salad with salted preserved crab. When Sekong first opened, a couple of the CHs here visited with mixed reviews. Thanks for a current report; I'll have to check it out soon!

    Sekong by Night Brings Cambodian Cuisine to Phoenix

    Sekong by Night
    1312 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85014

    1. I was also there today for early takeout and have enjoyed the sandwich and crepes today. Friendly service. Very fresh, tasty, and reasonable. Saw several things I need to try on my next visit. Have glass noodles with beef to try next.

      1. Has their service improved? I hope so. My trip there included a 2+ hour wait for grilled chicken, rice, veggies and two bahn mi as the staff seemed clueless on how to do things like fill water glasses and bring extra napkins when requested, not to mention that the kitchen seems to cook exactly ONE dish at a time and that is served while the second dish gets started.

        While I found the food enjoyable, the service issue was painful and until that gets rectified, I don't want to invest that amount of time.

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          That would be painful Seth - I'll check Sekong out soon and let you know. I'm really interested in this restaurant cuz' it's in the hood.

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            Zero issues at lunch a few weeks ago. Four dishes arrived in a reasonable amount of time and hot on the heels of one another. The place was mostly empty, though. Don't know if the calculus would change if they were busier.

            Beef salad was a little tame, but entirely respectable. This is a dish I prefer to have a little more pop. Lok Lak beef was nicely seasoned, very subtle. Phnom Penh noodle soup had a nice flavor and a wide variety of offal. None of these struck me as exceptional, except for the Baynchaiv Crepe which was very, very nice -- crisp exterior, fluffy interior, hints of coconut and turmeric, plenty of filling. That was the standout for me.