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May 7, 2011 02:52 PM

Artisan Bread Company, Fort Myers. Any good?

So I was at Norman Love this morning picking up some croissants and I noticed as I was driving away, Artisan Bread Company right next door. I checked out their website and their bread looks really good.

I'm curious if anyone here have had their breads?

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  1. His bread is ok but I prefer French Bread Oven on Cypress Lakes. I only like FrBrOv when purchased at their store front. The bread sold at the farmers market suffers from our heat and humidity. I like the country bread from Artisan and have had their olive bread and several others and it is missing a certain depth of flavor. Artisan sells at Cape Coral Farmers and their bread really suffers that environment.

    If you remember the wonderful little french restaurant in Fort Myers from 7 years ago, you will remember Andre's excellent bread and pastries. He made the tea pastries for the Ritz Carlton. He now runs French Bread over.

    If you ever want some spectacular bread, order from Zingerman's in Ann Arbor Michigan. They ship bread to alumni all over the states. My all time fave is the bread at Balthazar's bakery in New York.

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      Thanks for the feedback LMF.

      Unfortunately I do not remember the French restaurant you had mentioned since I moved to Fort Myers from NYC only last year. Is said restaurant still operating? I'm going out on a limb and say no.

      I can't remember if I've been to French Bread Oven. I feel like I have since I do remember going into a French bakery off of Cypress when I first moved down here. I do remember that I wasn't too impressed with the French bread though.

      The bread from Balthazar is amazing! Amy's is decent too. I took for granted all the great bread that I had available to me while living in Manhattan. Man, that sucks!

      I guess I'll have to try out Artisan for my own.

      1. re: LilMsFoodie

        I tried a French baguette from Artisan today and boy was I disappointed. What a sorry excuse for a baguette!

        I guess I'll stick with the in-house bread from Marios.