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May 7, 2011 02:23 PM

Paris - 16th Birthday Dinner ?

I am taking my granddaughter to Paris for her 16th birthday and would appreciate some suggestions about where to eat on that special night.

For her -- a spectacular view, with some "pomp and circumstance." The menu need not take center stage -- she likes the basics, is not an adventurous eater.

For me -- whatever will make Caitlin happy (see above) and a creative menu with fish or vegetarian dishes.

Les Ombres has been suggested. Comments and other ideas would be appreciated!

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  1. I would go for Le Train Bleu or Bofinger, both of which feel like you are in a movie scene. I have always been happy with the food at Bofinger. Less so at Le Train Bleu, but it is still more than adequate. Caveat, I have not been back to Paris for 2 years, so a lot may have changed since then -- you might want to check the boards for input on both places.

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      I also was thinking Le Train Bleu, especially when food is not the main goal.

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        It may be specacular, but t does not have a view. Spectacular views include Jules Verne, institut du Monde Arabe, Tour d'Argent, Tour Montparnasse, Concorde Lafayette, Café de l'Homme, Sofitel Porte de Sèvres.

    2. l would eat at anywhere but Les Ombres, my worst meal in Paris in 25 years, pretty yes, but...........
      While expensive, the view from Jules Verne in the Tour Eiffel cannot be beaten.

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        Thanks to everybody for these suggestions!