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Pizza Hut Buffet

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When I was younger there were Pizza Hut buffets in Winnipeg. Do any exist in the GTA?

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  1. If you're referring to the Lunch buffet at Pizza Hut, then yes. Most, if not, all SIT-DOWN Pizza Huts have the lunch buffet, be sure to check online on their website to see if your local Pizza Hut is indeed a sit-down restaurant, as opposed to the Pizza Hut Express that is take-out only.

    1. i'm pretty sure that the Pizza Hut near Dufferin Mall used to have a buffet. They still might...


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        yeah its there and its disgusting

      2. I've had the unfortunate experience of eating at the buffet at the Pizza Hut on O'Connor west of Victoria Park. It's really pretty bad, and I would definitely avoid it.

        1. I do recall there was a Pizza Hut near Don Mills and Steeles. Is that still around? Didn't they also have a dessert buffet also and dessert pizzas? Haven't sat down in one in ages!