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May 7, 2011 12:19 PM

Nice place for a Sunday lunch?

What are some nice restaurants open for Sunday lunch? I want to take my girlfriend out for her birthday tomorrow. Nothing too fancy (entrees at $17-18 or less would be good). Vegetarian options a plus.


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    1. re: crazyspice

      Oops. Anywhere within Philadelphia city is fine.

    2. Good luck. Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and most of the decent restaurants are probably completely booked, or will have really long waits. Can you put it off until dinner. I'd look on opentable to see what's available.

      1. i think youll still have a few good options

        im looking on opentable now and theres availability at adsum, bar ferdinand, dandelion, distrito, garces trading co, koo zee doo, village belle

        i am shocked that some of these places are not booked up tomorrow given its mothers day

        not very many vegetarian options at koo zee doo, adsum or dandelion and im not a fan of distrito in general. would probably go with garces trading co if i were in your place