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Fusion Taco's

bornie May 7, 2011 11:24 AM

Was doing laps at Memorial Park on the bike loop and spotted the Fusion Taco Truck.. Decided to stop the suffering and buy a couple of taco's... They were doing a private gig for a group but they generously served me up a couple to pork taco's.. Folks,, if you've never had the taco's from Fusion, they are some of the best you'll ever sink your teeth in to.. Seasoned to perfection these mutant taco's will satisfy ur hunger pangs.... the breakfast taco's are to die for. They're a usual presence at the Farmer's Mkt on Richmond/Buffalo Speedway area on w/e's. Couldn't have been a more perfect morning,, sittin in the shade with a little breeze, savoring the double corn tortillas filled w/pork, cabbage and goodness .. Ck Fusion out!!

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    brucesw May 8, 2011 05:33 AM

    I've seen them at the Urban Harvest FM on Eastside many times but never tried the breakfast tacos. I've caught up with them several other times, though. Their signature Indian beef shortrib on grilled flatbread (pirata) with spicy raita is awesome (and should be for $5 each) but their other tacos are also good. I love the 'Asian slaw.' The one time I managed to catch up t them when they were doing fish tacos they were my second favorite after the signature taco.

    They're going to be at Haute Wheels, Houston's first food truck festival, this coming weekend at the big HCC facility on the W. Loop just south of 59.


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