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May 7, 2011 10:57 AM

Berliner Weisse style Beer

I have the waldmeister syrup now I am just looking for this low alchol cloudy sour wheat beer. I know Dogfish makes one but I want it unflavored or with the traditional raspberry or wladmeister flavouring. Hve you seen it?

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  1. The Bruery makes a Berliner Weisse called Hottenroth. It is listed as being "limited year-round".

    1. Try The Bottle Shop downtown. Massive beer selection, call and ask if they've got it.

      1. South Bay Drug has it, which means Best Damn Beer Shop downtown, in Super Jr. Market, might.

        South Bay Drugs
        779 Palm Ave, Imperial Beach, CA

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          Damn, Josh, thank you. That's what I wanted to recommend and got the name wrong. I can drive there, but I can't remember the name. I'm either too old or have had too much beer...or both

        2. You can sometimes get Berliner Kindl Weisse at Tip Top Meats. BTW, where did you get the waldmeister syrup ?

          1. Unfortunately we don't get "Authentic" berliner weisse in California. The Bruery version is quite tasty however and goes well with the syrups. You can also go to Olive Tree Market in OB and they sell the 1809 which is a fantastic (but not authentic either) version of a Berliner that is just fine without syrup.

            Some berliner weisses mixed with Woodruff syrup tastes like the marshmallows from Lucky Charms haha

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              Just curious why you say that Hottenroth and 1809 are inauthentic. Hottenroth to me tastes exactly like the Kindl one that used to be exported here.

              1. re: Josh

                note the quotes around Authentic as the very definition of a modern day authentic berliner weisse is debatable. Bruery adds Brettanomyces to their version, which may or may not be authentic, depending on who you talk to. 1809 is higher in alcohol than is typical of the style.

                It only matters if you are concerned about generally accepted style guidelines and historical authenticity with a beer, and most people don't really care.

                **edit** I wish we could still get Kindl!

                1. re: MrKrispy

                  Seems the question about brett in Berliner Weisse is an open one:

                  Certainly Hottenroth tasted a lot like Kindl to me, only fresher.

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                    I noticed on BA awhile back that you were talking about brewing a Berliner Weisse. How did it turn out? Care to share the recipe?

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                      Did I not update the thread? Sorry. Beermail me on BA, I don't want this thread getting moved to the Cooking forum.