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May 7, 2011 10:46 AM

Tampa (Oldsmar) - Andy's on the Bay

I went for lunch today, it was a bit tricky to find but was really worth it! They had a solid cuban (which was brought to a whole new level when dipped in their house spicy/herby/awesomey sauce), and the beef with olives & black beans & rice (with these really tasty little crunchies in it). The the lady working the counter (Andy's mother I believe?) was a real sweetheart, I want to go back just to talk to her again haha. The place was recommended to me by a friend for their pork sammich, which I couldn't wait to try but unfortunately they were catering a huge party today and didn't have a number of menu items (most of them). Really looking forward to going back, if the pork sandwich is as good as everything else they'd prepared for the catering gig (which was a LOT of food), then this could be one of my favorite new hidden gems!

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  1. Oh and an excellent value too, this is it, two large cuban sanwiches, two drinks, and the beef/olives/rice&beans special- $15

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        He's not really a Doctor, he just plays one on TV ;)

      1. Does anyone know what days/hours they're open? I'm dying to try this place.

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          I meant to look when I drove back by, I forgot to tho. If anyone finds out let me know, they don't have a website that I know of.

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            They were not open today, Sunday, but here is the phone number
            (813) 855-8166

          2. Ooooo, I'll pop in on Thursday for lunch when I do my Oldsmar, Palm Harbor, and Tarpon Springs route! Hopefully they'll have the Porkage... Sounds excellent!

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              sweet, make sure to get the house made herby awesome sauce!

            2. Heh, I went there a few years ago to pick up a friend who worked just down the road.

              I remember liking the food there; but to be honest, I had forgotten all about the place. I'll have to swing back up there to try it again, when I'm in the area.