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May 7, 2011 10:06 AM

My own collection of recipes for a book-- looking for the correct format

I would like to put together a cookbook/collection of my favorite recipes for a wedding gift. I have plenty of recipes... I am looking for the 'perfect' publisher. Tastebook? My Publisher? Snapfish? Only in recipe format. Probably no pictures. Very simple. Any ideas or experiences (good and bad)?

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  1. I'm actually a big fan of Blurb/Booksmart for printing of photo books, and have just started a family recipe book. It's a bit of work, but I like to have complete control over the layout, and wanted something I could do from scratch. I've looked at Tastebook, and I think that would be where I would go if I didn't love Blurb so much.

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      Thank you! I really appreciate your input. Good luck with your book!

    2. I used Tastebook to create a family cookbook and thought it was easy to work with and produced a nice final product. I know you mentioned not doing pictures, but it is quite easy to add them on Tastebook, if you are so inclined.

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        Thank you arp29. Your comment about pictures hit my guilt bone :) I have a feeling my gift is going to be much later than anticipated. I love to buy cookbooks with GREAT pictures... I guess I have a bit more work cut out for me.

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          Oh, no! I did not mean to induce any guilt, Kris:-) I wasn't sure if the reason you weren't planning on adding pictures was because you thought it was going to be difficult/ridiculously time-consuming. I just wanted to assure you that it wasn't going to be an arduous process with Tastebook!

          Be sure to let us know what format you go with and what you think of it!

      2. I did a family cookbook last year on Blurb; I really liked there software and layouts that they had available. I also liked that you could customize there layouts to fit what you wanted.

        If you go to Blurb and go to bookstore and search for cookbooks you can see what other people have put together; I did that a lot when I started to get ideas on how I wanted to lay out my cookbook.

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          Thank you JulesLP! I truly appreciate the value of experienced voices. Good luck to all of you on your next endeavors-- and thanks again for taking the time to get back to me!.