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May 7, 2011 09:12 AM

Need Dinner Recs for Galleria Area

I'm coming in from Charlotte for a few nights the week after next, and will be staying in the Galleria area. I probably will be dining alone, so I prefer a restaurant with a nice bar dining area...I'm open to most any types of cuisine. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. Kirans on Westhiemer is great indian food
    Bar Annie/ RDG grill room is amazing upscale SW food by Robert Del Grande on Post Oak
    Luling City BBQ and Ragin Cajun are super casual on Richmond.
    For Sushi, Sage 400 on sage has good fresh sushi.

    Sage 400
    Houston, TX, Houston, TX

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    1. re: girlfriday125

      Kiran's is overrated - it might be a clue that they advertize on the radio. If you't hungry for steak and don't mind a fairly noisy environment - there's always Del Friscos in the Galleria

    2. Love your name!!! I had dinner barside at a restaurant in the Galleria area,, Oporto last w/e.. Spanish tapas and a terrific wine list. Tho located in a strip center,, inside the interior has a small neighborhood NYC vibe.,. Affordable and very newbie friendly... A very devoted and passionate following,, now I know why.. Highly recommended!

      Also,, ck out the food bar at Carrabba's on Kirby.. Terrific Italian served up and the food bar Chef activity is pure SHOWTIME! Order the "off the menu" crab/shrimp appetizer.. That's all you need... Follow the bright light,, you'll be in heaven soon after!

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      1. re: bornie

        I'd like to add that this it the original Carrabba's, and not part of the chain, also with a different menu. We love food bar Chef, sit on the left side, as all the food will come out right in front of you.

      2. Bar RDG is a good choice and so would Phillipe near RDG. Might be worth hitting both and getting a feel for them? Both can get pricey but the bar menu's look pretty good.
        Also, there is a sardinian restaurant in Galleria area Arcodoro that can be very good.
        Gigi's Asian Bistro in the galleria has a braised shortrib dish with thai eggplant i a curry broth that is excellent.

        1. Brining this thread back from the dead, I'll be in the Galleria area in a week or so and am wondering the same - especially if there are any updates to what is good and what isn't. I'm only there for a night, but I should have time for both dinner as well as lunch the next day, so either meal is a viable option for me.

          From what I can tell, the Galleria area is going to be a bit pricy for the quality, but is generally serviceable. The only thing that it seems I should avoid is Kenny and Ziggy's (as I hear it is way overpriced for the quality).

          My budget should be around $30 (I don't drink) for dinner, $10-15 for lunch. At home, I usually hit one of the variety of lunch trucks in DC.

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          1. re: nbs2

            Food and service at Kenny and ziggy"s is superb! The pastrami and corned beef on rye, the best in Houston. U might also try central mrkt grocery store for terrific made to order sandwiches and salads, near the galleria. As foe dinner under $30, what kind of food r u looking, ethnic, seafood, steaks?

            1. re: bornie

              I'm a cheap old bastard who lives in various mom and pop holes-in-the-wall, but I LOVE Kenny & Ziggy's.

              For lunch there's Corelli's Italian on Westheimer at Chimney Rock. I like their chicken piccata and the pork chop and I always sub the pasta aglio olio for the suga rosa that comes with.

              Let us know what you find.

              1. re: DoobieWah

                I posted the original question to this thread, and I have visited Kenny and Ziggy's several times when I was in the area...I haven't "loved" everything I've eaten there, but I do love the restaurant and the atmosphere, and their pickles aren't bad wither.

                1. re: picklelicious

                  Apparently I'll need to check out Kenny's.

                  For dinner (if I don't hit a massive nostalgia wave from when I was a kid in Iowa and end up making my way to Godfather's), I'm like something that is "classic Houston." I don't have a shortage of options at home, so I'd like to try whatever would be prototypical. Of course, I just don't know what that is.

                  1. re: nbs2

                    I guess these days classic Houston would be Tex-Mex or fresh seafood. Seems like there is a tex-mex place every 10 yards. I don't eat around there often enough to recommend a tex-mex place for you. If you want a good burger, just west of the Galleria on Westheimer, there are two good places right across the street from each other. Pappa Burger and Beck's Prime. Both very good. I've been to Kenny and Ziggy's 3 times and was not impressed at all. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't somewhere that I liked enough to go back if it was my decision.

                    1. re: texasredtop

                      I think for K&Z you have to really like the whole NY Deli concept. It's not for everyone. I don't get two skinny pieces of loaf bread stacked with a pound or so of meat. It's like eating...meat. But I've never been to K&Z. I avoid the Galleria at all costs and pity the folks that work in the area. If you are there, travel east to 3215 Westheimer and stop at Giacomo cibo e vino...for a unique and delicious casual meal. Many solo diners there although there's no bar per se. Further down at 2706 is the popular Chuy's, a Tex-Mex small chain that does have a bar and lots of people watching potential. If you like Margaritas, try the "Dot" which is a traditional frozen marg with a red "dot" of strawberry on top, giving it just the right amount of fruitiness. The fish and shrimp tacos have been the favorite there for years, due primarily to the cilantro sauce.

                      Oh, I see again where you don't drink, so all the better. More budget for the food, which is easily within $30 for both places.

          2. Bayou City Seafood and Pasta has great food and some nice specials, plus it's really close, on Richmond just east of 610. I've never had a bad meal there, plus it's crawfish season, and if you've never tried them., they are a must try, and they do them as good as any place in town.