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May 7, 2011 06:49 AM

Galatoire's Just Keeps On Cookin'

Our past few meals at Galatoire's have been taken on the second floor with lunch reservations rather than standing in line and experiencing the festivities of the Friday lunch crowd. We have done the first floor Friday lunch routine many times, but now prefer the relative quiet of the second floor. Another great lunch yesterday confirmed that choice for us.

A "Grand Goutee" platter with a skewer of fried oytsters was our starter, followed by redfish with jumbo lump crabmeat, redfish with lemon, butter and caper sauce and pompano with crabmeat Vivienne topping. Sides of spinach Rockefeller and brabant potatoes were also excellent (don't do the brabant potatoes if you're going to be in someone's fact -- heavy on the garlic, but delicious.) Shared dessert was warm pecan cake with coffee ice cream and sweet whipped cream.

Our server, Steve, was the perfect combination of attentive but non-intrusive.

Galatoire's has been around for a long time. Meals like yesterday's is one of the reasons why.

Galatoire's Restaurant
209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130

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  1. I must try the upstairs room never been sounds nice

    1. Great report.

      We have also opted for the upstairs, and the reservations, but most often due to time constraints and guests. While I do miss aspects of the ground floor, that is a price that I can pay. Maybe next time, it will be just me and the wife, and we'll queue up in line, just to be downstairs.

      If one is going for the food, and not the tableau, then I fail to see the issue with dining upstairs. It IS quieter, and one might not get their family's server, but it is still very good, if not the "ideal" for a tourist (which I am now).

      Downstairs is kicks, just like Mardi Gras. If you have never done it (especially on a Friday lunch), then one MUST do it. However, if one has done it several times, then it should be the food, that draws one back - no need to do Mardi Gras every year, unless one is in a krewe, or just cannot get enough of Mardi Gras.