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May 7, 2011 01:51 AM

Wholesale meat?

Hoping someone can give me a little assistance. I was talking with a co-worker tonight who mentioned he used to know someone who purchased meat (like 40 lb. boxes of turkey necks, chicken necks/backs etc) from slaughterhouses/wholesalers in Sun Valley. I've googled my evening away trying to locate somewhere in Sun Valley with cheap, large quantities of "animal parts".
Do any Chowhounds know of any place like this?

(Short story - I feed my dog RAW and he eats all sorts of animal parts, chicken leg quarters, pork necks, turkey necks, offal, organ meats etc. So I am always looking for new sources of food for him. I currently go to LAX-C in Chinatown for chicken but would love to find somewhere with more of a variety..)


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  1. Have you checked out the Grand Central Market in downtown LA? That would be a likely suspect for what you need.

    Grand Central Market
    317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013

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    1. re: Servorg

      No, I've been but have just seen butchers. They sell wholesale, large boxes of meat too?!
      Do I just ask at one of the butchers?
      Never thought about going there!

    2. I think the place you're looking for might be Harmony Farms, 2824 Foothill Blvd
      La Crescenta, CA 91214
      (818) 248-3068

      Harmony Farms
      2824 Foothill Blvd, La Crescenta, CA

      1. Isn't kind of risky to feed your dog chicken parts with the bones?

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        1. re: flylice2x

          Not sure why you replied, since the question was about meat and where to buy it. But to answer your question...
          Cooked bones are the dangerous ones. If raw bones were dangerous, what would wild animals eat?
          He's been eating this diet for 7 of his 8 years, not dangerous at all.

          1. re: veronykah

            Hi Veronykah- Would love to know where you ended up finding the wholesale meat. We are currently feeding our dog pre-made raw, but that is getting pricey and I am finally over the gross out factor. Also, any recommendations for menus? I am good with the veggies to mix in, but I am not 100% sure about which meats/parts are recommended with bone/meat ratio. Thank you!

            1. re: LAMOM

              I never really found any. I like to go to LAX-C (aka the Thai Costco) near Chinatown and buy the 40lb. box of chicken leg quarters which is about $24.00. They have a lot of other meat but I don't have the freezer space to experiment and find out if their chicken bones or pork necks are meaty enough to feed as a staple. I order from Simon @ Creston Valley Meats and get the rabbit, goat etc mixed meat as well but it isn't cheap.
              Otherwise, so far I've been biting the bullet and buying from Jon's.
              Still on the look out for cheap meat! But all the above are definitely cheaper than pre-made raw.
              I used the book "Switching to Raw" when I started raw feeding. I have a bull terrier and also found a bull terrier raw feeding group on Yahoo which was VERY helpful. There are a lot of other RAW or BARF groups on yahoo and people are very willing to help if you have questions. I'd start with the book, it gives you amounts and menus to feed and is a really great resource for when you first start and are unsure about what you are doing.
              My dog pretty much eats :
              chicken leg quarters, pork necks, turkey necks, ALL/ANY organ meat + gizzards / pancreas etc.
              I buy meat mixes from Creston Valley, I think the one we have now is whole (meaning EVERYTHING) ground rabbit and whole ground sardines.
              I feed the RMBs (chicken, pork etc) with some of the meat mix and veggies and give whole eggs (shell and all) yougurt, bananas etc for different meals.
              Hope that was helpful...Not sure if you can PM here but feel free if you want more info!

              1. re: veronykah

                Where are you getting pancreas? My coworker is looking for pancreas specifically for her dog, and my butcher (Huntington Meats) doesn't carry it. And a search on Creston Valley's site had no results. Thanks!

                1. re: JJS360

                  I think I got it at Jon's. They were labeled "lamb melt" which is apparently spleen and pancreas. At least that was what I thought when I looked it up.

            2. re: veronykah

              For years we got chicken wings and ground them for our cats (one of whom had severe tummy problems, the runs etc.) The raw diet literally saved his life.

              Once we got him stable (and our arms got tired - it was an old fashioned, hand crank meat grinder!) we got the ground chicken from mexican or armenian markets - which is the dark meat - and just added bone meal. Not quite as tasty, but still very nice and heaps good for them.

          2. If it's for your dog, you might consider joining the SoCal BARF co-op.
            They buy in bulk wholesale and have pickup locations around SoCal. We never joined because we didn't have the volunteer time free, but it seems a good deal.

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            1. re: thursday

              I've thought about it but live in an apartment and don't really have the freezer space to buy huge quantities like they have. I WISH i did or I could find someone to split boxes with me.

            2. I found this referral online last night and called them today:
              Hardy’s Meats in Studio City
              818 761 3830

              I also called Harmony Farms today, and they have ground well thought out mixes that I have to consider, since the dogs I am feeding refuse to chew the bones. They would rather stuff them down with their paws in one bite. Their stomachs then object... if you get my meaning. I tried hand holding, and the sweet one said, "GIVE-IT-TO-ME". And she seemed rather serious about it. So I put the turkey necks aside for a while until I can figure out how to make them chew. I am open to suggestions, since I understand how important it is, specific to canine health to have raw meaty bones. After reading over 900 plus websites, about Mast cell cancer and raw food support, I totally get it. I wish I would have done my research earlier, and got them on it years ago. Now, I think everyone who gets a dog should do some serious reading before it happens to them, because once you hear "cancer' you find yourself researching between tears, and it's really really hard. I knew the kibble was bad, and I thought cooking might be better, but I totally get it now. It sunk in, and I will never go back. Next time, I will start them on raw from puppies.

              Both Hardy's & Harmony Farms prices are decent... but maybe you might have a better idea of the price points since you have been doing it for so long. So far they are the best I have found in the general area. I do not want to quote what I wrote down, since they were talking faster than I could write. But both people who answered were really helpful.

              Would you keep me in mind if you do want someone to split boxes with you? We live in West Hollywood in case you are nearby. Our freezer is small, and we live in an apartment with no extra room or electricity for an additional freezer. Let me know if you are still open to it.

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              1. re: Jahni

                Regarding the turkey necks - when we first switched to raw, she would swallow them whole like spaghetti. It was nasty, and often came back up. I honestly think some of it was the excitement/novelty of getting raw food because she still does it occasionally if we feed her later than normal and she's hungry, and she's been raw for about 6 years now. What we ended up doing to break the habit was literally holding onto the neck while she chewed it. She's a very sweet girl that I trust not to bite me when she does this, so it wouldn't work for everyone, but her hear at biting me/confusion at why I was holding her food did force her to slow down and actually chew it. We then started letting go of it after a minute or so with the command "Chew!" and if she started to try to gulp it, we literally took it out of her mouth and held it again. It was messy and gross, but she got the hang of it.

                Any updates on good sources since this thread is so old? We primarily feed her based on grocery store sales, but prices have gone up so much lately and I KNOW she needs more organ meats and such than we're giving her that we need to start branching out.