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May 6, 2011 08:42 PM

Your favorite protein powder or shake

I was reading a post on Home Cooking board about smoothies/shakes For those of you who use protein powders or shakes: What are your favorites? I am not looking to gain weight and would like something that tastes good mixed with fruits or iced espresso. Thanks

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  1. Spirutein. You can find it at GNC, or on Amazon. I prefer the chocolate/vanilla (non fruity) flavors, but strawberry and peach aren't bad either. My female friends who weight lift and need to keep their calorie count high generally stand by this brand.

    1. Any Unjury varieties. I find so many of the usual ones cloyingly sweet or gritty. Unjury is the only kind I can even stomach.

      1. this will no doubt get me jeered at, but I really like the Special K protein shakes when I can find them. I add either a bunch of Benefiber or chia seeds, but it's tasty with a lot of good nutrition and low calories and tastes good.
        I'd really like to find a (very) similar drink that was mildly sweet but had no sugar. Not diabetic, but I dont have a problem with artificially sweetened things, unlike many on this forum and I don't want the calories. Is there such a beast?

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          i haven't tried them myself, but i have a couple of friends who swear by the Muscle Milk Light RTDs. i think i've seen them at Costco too, so if you end up liking them you can stock up and save $$ on them.

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            Muscle Milk, both light and regular are really good but really expensive. Also, they have carbs in them, so the OP should probably specify what her goals are in drinking protein. If it's just for protein she is probably going to seek out something without any carbs in order to keep calories down. I have been using Nutrishop Pro5 protein powder for a while and it's the best I've tasted. It has only 1g of carb per serving. It mixes easy and it's not too sweet (although all of them are sweeter than I'd like). Most of the GNC products are not bad, and they sell them in single packets so you can taste before you buy a huge bin. Some supplement stores will let you try a little if they have something open, which the OP would probably like considering her name. If you're gonna mix it with fruit I assume you're going to buy vanilla, and some of the vanilla protein out there is ridiculously sweet, so be careful before you buy a big tub. There are lots of threads about this on

        2. I have two that I really like. Champion Nutrition pure whey stack protein is 23 g protein/130 calories. It is sweetened with splenda, I believe, but it is very tasty. I like the chocolate best but there are quite a few varieties.

          My favorite is Syntha 6 whey protein. I get the peanut butter and chocolate flavor--oh my gosh, it is so rich and tasty that I forget it is good for me. It is about 200 calories/20 grams of protein and has regular sugar instead of artificial.

          I get both at Super Supplements, a local chain of discount supplement stores. Also GNC carries them.

          1. Thanks all, I will see if I can get smaller portions of some of the powders mentioned. To answer a couple of questions:I prefer lower carb and not too sweet.

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              my everyday whey:

              no sugar OR artificial sweeteners - just a little stevia, and a hint of vanilla.