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May 6, 2011 07:34 PM

Help with Rick Bayless Roadside Chicken

I saw on another post someone had mentioned this chicken for Cinco De Mayo.....I looked it up and it had great reviews, so since I had a bird in the fridge that I was going to do my usual beer can chicken with, I thought I'd try it. I followed the recipie to the T....on a charcoal grill. I've never done one spread out like that. The bird turned out a beautiful with crispy brown skin. Very impressive looking at the table. It was long as you had some skin to go along with it....the rest of the bird was pretty bland. Any ideas on what I did wrong, or is it just that way? I did not brine the bird, as It was a last minute thing....but it was moist just the same, just bland.

I would love to do it again because it looked so impressive, and was so easy to do....but I need a little more flavor......Any ideas?

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  1. i have the recipe bookmarked but haven't made it yet since i'm grill-less these days. any chance your spices are old? and did you brush it with extra rub/marinade during cooking?

    if it's none of those things, i'm at a loss *unless* you're really just used to eating a brined that case, you were missing the salt.

    1. I would brine it next time. It will make all the difference if it was bland. Chicken and pork loves the brine

      1. I've made this Roadside Chicken recipe many times, it's one of my favorites and super simple. Since the recipe yields ample marinade for a single chicken, once you've removed the backbone, loosen the skin over the breast and thigh and rub some of the marnade directly on to the meat as well as the skin. Then grill as usual.

        The method of cooking in the recipe is called spatchcock. It also works extremely well for chicken cooked under a brick, or anytime you need to cook a chicken quickly.

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          DD...I think it was you who had suggested it in the other post...and I didn't wan to hijack that post so I started a new one. Rubbing some of the marinade under the skin is what I do with my beer can chicken. I wanted to follow this recipie exactly the first time.....but I will follow your advice and slide some under the is really a cheap easy impressive way to cook a chicken.....once I get some more flavors in there, we are golden! I am now a fan of the spatchcoak way of cooking!

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            Good luck. Let me know how it turns out. I did a Peruvian chicken recipe last week that called for rubbing some of the marinade under the skin. That recipe was good, but I remember thinking at the time that I liked the RBs recipe better, plus it was simpler, but that the step of putting some of the marinade under the skin was a great idea. The timing of your question couldn't have been better :-)

            Try spatchcocking with a rock cornish game hens, makes them doable for a week night meal

        2. Which book is this from, or is there a link to the recipe? Thanks.

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              The recipe is actually in Everyday Mexican. It's also all over the internet and pretty easy to find, just Google for Rick Bayless Roadside Chicken. Here's the link from Serious Eats -

              It was on RBs web site at one point, but not any longer. It's really simple and pretty darn good.

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                Thanks, I'll try it. Sounds good, and I love RB.

            2. The original comment has been removed