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May 6, 2011 07:31 PM

Dim Sum at Yang's - Major Disappointment!

After a four weeks eating binge in Hong Kong. Now that I am back in TO, I have tried to keep an open mind every time I venture out to have Chinese food, especially in the area of Dim Sum lunch. I realize it would be unfair of me to compare Toronto's mediocre quality dim sum with those top notch Michelin star rated products of Hong Kong.
However, as a foodie, I believe I have an obligation to voice my displeasure if the products I am getting were overpriced and BAD! This was the case with a number of dim sum dishes I had at Yang's today.
First off, their shrimp dumpling - Hah Gow. I was not expecting the dainty, 11 fold perfect wrapper versions of a top notch Hong Kong product. However, I was also not expecting to be served at a high end place like Yang's, Hah Gow with skin as thick as tacos!! Though the crunchy prawn filling was passabe, however, the whole experience was totally spoiled by the thick wrapper.
Next came the b-b-q pork Cheung-Fun ( rice roll ). Again, the wrapper was super-thick! ( they shouild take a page from the delicate version of Brilliant Cuisine). What's even worse was the b-b-q pork filling. They actually tasted 'stale'!! Why? I don't understand since the place was packed indicating fast turnover of products!
Other products like the taro croquettes tasted bland and greasy with lots of fat amongst the diced pork filling.
Overall, I was very disappointed with my lunch. Afterall, in my mind, I thought Yang's is one of GTA's better high end Chinese restaurant!!. Now, I have second thoughts about returning!!

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  1. The dim sum at Yang has been going downhill for a while as I have also reported some average to bad dim sum meal there in the past year. But dinner at Yang is pretty nice, has been there for a couple of time recently. Actually, Toronto's dim sum is not very good at all now. Having said that, I heard some good things about the dim sum at Shangri-la (they now open for both dim sum and dinner besides wedding banquet), will try it later. I have only tried the dinner at Shangri-la and the dishes I tried are average to good there.

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    1. re: skylineR33

      Thanks for reminding me again skylineR33! I was meaning to ask you for their address!

      On a side note, I had another 'Great' dinner at Brilliant' tonight! Out of curiosity, we ordered a plate of 'sweet and sour pork' ( Gwu Lo Yuk ). Man! It must be one of the tastiest version in town!! Piping hot and super crisp pork. The sauce was very authentic, using ' Haw tablets' ( San Ja Bang ) for the sweetness. The braised yellow fin garoupa was very tasty as well. We also had the 'glutinous rice stuffed boneless chicken'. This time we ordered 'two portions' in advance!!

      1. re: Charles Yu

        San Ja Bang for the sweet and sour pork must be unique in Toronto ! Must be yummy, will have to try this later.

        1. re: skylineR33

          According to a chef I knew from yeatrs ago, this was the 'authentic traditional' way - not Ketchup! Ha!!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Hong Kong's old restaurant Tak Long uses San Ja (natural) for the sourness in the Sweet and Sour pork too. There are so many variety, some even add strawberry to enhance the flavor.

            1. re: skylineR33

              The Brilliant version added a few pieces of 'honey dew melon' in addition to pineapples, which was a nice touch!

          1. re: Herb

            Thanks...good article and given the chatter on another thread about the author, very interesting,

            1. re: Herb

              Interesting how Joanne Kates ordered 'exactly' the dishes I posted on my two previous reviews!!! Especially the 'advanced order' ones!! ( Glutinous rice stuffed chicken, seafood pocket, stuffed scallops...etc ) Coincidence? I doubt not?!!

              BTW, whilst having dinner at Brilliant yesterday night, a 'Globe & Mail' contigent'( according to the manager) of 6 was sitting next to us!! May be JK was amongst them??!!

              Great to see us amateurs on Chowhound managed to 'pre-empt' the pros in discovering great eating places!!! Ha!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                I don't understand why not seeing white people in a Chinese restaurant means that the food is good. I'd imagine there are quite a few bad Chinese restaurants not frequented by white people.

          2. re: skylineR33

            Is Shangri-La the same owners as Crown Prince? I faintly recall seeing some grand opening ad in one of their restaurants.... have been waiting for one of you guys to try it before I take the plunge.

            Charles, gotta agree w/ you about the sweet n sour pork at Brilliant. I'm surprised you haven't tried the whole chicken stuffed glutinous rice at Maple Yip yet?

            1. re: Royaljelly

              I think so, the manager told us the owner who is a doctor owns all the chinese restaurant in that whole area ... the management team are from Regal Palace Hwy 7, the chef is from Hilton Suite.

              1. re: Royaljelly

                Hello Royaljelly! Long time no chat! How are the kids?! Time for another chowmeet?

                I have tried both Maple Yip's and Legend's versions in the past. Including the Brilliant one, all three were OK. Legend's version has the least meat. MP's version is the most greasy. Brilliant's rice the best.

                Personally I prefer a Chicken Kiev better. Much juicier and more sauce ( see the version I had in HK two months ago! ) Yummm!

                Guess my palette for this glutinous rice chicken dish was spoiled by the ones I had recently in Hong Kong! Rice of the HK version was much, much better due to the quaity of the wind-dried preserved meat used!

                Nowadays, the trend is to stuff a whole suckling piglet with the rice!! Now, thats decadent!!