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May 6, 2011 06:21 PM

Houston Vegetarian? (i know its BBQ world... but) any suggestions?

Im staying at Doubletree downtown and hate hotel food
any vegetarian recommendations? ethnic is cool too!
thanks !

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  1. It's not really BBQ either. More like steak world, especially downtown. The Hobbit on Richmond has a popular veg menu. Also, see the veg options on the Houston review site,

    1. Indika for the veg sampler-
      le fendee-lebanese-mezza platter
      Dolce Vita-marg pizza, italian tapas and macaroni dishes
      up the road from you w gray-Barnaby's for terrific salad's

      516 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

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      1. re: bornie

        I second Indika for its excellent veggie choices.

        516 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

      2. Houston is a great vegetarian town if you ask me. And since we Chowhounds tend to be very picky, I'd say we're better for that than bbq. Disclaimer: I am not vegetarian but I eat a lot of it.

        My favorites in that regard would be Southern Indian vegetarian and Ethiopian places which always feature a platter of just their vegetable wats (will be made with niter kibbeh, spiced butter, of course). We have many places specializing in Southern Indian vegetarian foods, particularly Udipi and Gujarati.

        On the b4 site you can enter your own search features such as 'Downtown,' "Midtown,' (just south of downtown) , etc. Montrose is also a neighborhood close to downtown that will have options.

        Besides that, many Houston restaurants will accommodate requests to make dishes to vegetarian standards. You'll find some old threads on those here on this board.

        If there's a particular restaurant you're interested in, or cuisine, come back here to ask for more help.

        1. I've posted on this before - search for posts by me. Houston has lots of great veggie eats. I'm not personally a fan of all-veggie restaurants in most cases, so I've posted about places that are omnivorous but have good veggie choices.