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May 6, 2011 06:08 PM

Breakfast and Bloody's

One of our monthly enjoyments was starting Sunday ams at Chuy's and having Bloody Mary's and a belated breakfast. They had a make your own Bloody Mary bar which we so appreciated and the food was good. We'd go early when they first open and usually spend a couple hours reading the Sunday papers and enjoying a slow start to the week coming up.

Alas, Chuy's is not doing that anymore - some issue w/ wages paid vs owed. Where do other CHers go, in Phoenix, to enjoy an early am Bloody and Breakfast? It's really our only time for a date however, I don't want to do a crowded brunch / buffet. We're Central Phoenix but don't mind a drive out and about on an early Sunday when traffic is light.

Any advice would be appreciated and checked out. I'm thinking about buying all of the ingredients and doing it at home otherwise.

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  1. The St Francis is located in central Phoenix, has a killer brunch and I believe has recently won a "best Bloody Mary's" award. It does get crowded, but that adds to the atmosphere. Oh, and they have a nice live jazz group playing during brunch.

    St Francis
    111 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85012

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      St. Francis is now on the radar - I did not know they did brunch - Thanks for the recommendation!

    2. Try Maizie's. $3 Bloody Mary's that are delicious and a decent menu.

      1. Jerry: I drive from Scottsdale to this restaurant every week. Sunday brunch is ordered off the menu and is very reasonable, $10 average for brunch. Food is excellent, great Mimosas and bloody Mary's too. It is well worth the drive. Take the 51 to Bethany Home Road, turn right off the exit and make your first left at 16th Street. It will be the first place on the right....Enjoy.

        Phoenix City Grille
        5816 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016

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          OMG - Cazenovia - I had absolutely no idea and they are in my hood - like I could literally walk there. Ha Ha! I have to laugh at myself now and thank you very much! Woo Hoo! Bloody Sundays in the hood - on a beautiful Sunday! Thank you.

        2. Lon's at the Hermosa for bloody's on the patio for weekend breakfast..