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May 6, 2011 05:30 PM
Discussion - SE MITCH-A-GAN!

OK at Lilly and Ford Road (NW Corner) in Canton I saw out of the corner of my eye a new BBQ Joint.

Does anyone know a damn thing about this? I like that they say they Smoke it low and slow.

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  1. i know that they're good at marketing and that i'm going to try them. it's hard to mess up smoked meats, but they may try.

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    1. re: VTB

      I'm down and I am willing to donate my organs.

    2. I seems pretty darned pricey to me. $18.99 for the three meat combo plate? Which comes only with a side of potatoes? $6.49 for po' boy style pulled pork sandwich, and then tack on an additional $2.99 for a side and drink?

      I realize that the sandwich combo is a bit more acceptable because it does include a drink, but that's still north of other places like the Woodshop IIRC. That three meat combo is pretty sky high in my estimation. After a soft drink, tax, and reasonable tip, you're looking at over $25 for the fare...and that's just one person. For meat(s) 'n' taters.

      Or am I out of line/touch with reality?

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      1. re: boagman

        It would cost me $25 in gas to get to the Woodshop. I have no problem paying those kinds of prices if the Q is good.

        1. re: JanPrimus

          Well, gas prices are universal. I was just citing the Woodshop as one example, but it seems like the prices here are higher than most other places all around the area, with the possible exception of Kirk's in Buhmingham.

          I wouldn't recommend someone spend $20 to save $3, no.

      2. It is just okay. More of a fast casual model. I also think it is pretty pricey. The meats can be hit or miss, I have had the ribs and pulled pork that have been good on some days, and pretty bad on others. The Brisket has been tough and chewy every time I have ordered it. The sides are nothing special, and I do not care for the BBQ sauces that much. Food is subjective, so give them a try when it opens. I am a big BBQ fan, and have been to all the major BBQ places in the Tri-County area.

        1. They're taking a thumping on urbanspoon!

          1. Did this place open for a short period and close? The open soon signs have been up for months, and recently they changed the sign to - open real soon.

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            1. re: jmax

              They have 2 other locations I know of, Detroit (Harbortown) and Lincoln Park. I bought Groupons figuring it would have to be at least okay. Tried it 3 times (to use up those Groupons!) and concluded it's rather dismal, plus they short on quantity. See weight photos with the Yelp listing--

              They're not even remotely in the same league with Slow's/Lockhart's/Union Woodshop/Lazybones, or even with Smokey's.

              1. re: ak994

                An almost comprehensive list of BBQ in today's metrotimes.

                1. re: goatgolfer

                  Not sure who the writer is or where he gets his info. Bad Brad's is nothing like new. And he lists R.U.B and Real BarBQ (both yuck) as if they're the equal of the others while overlooking Smokey's. And once again a food writer is mixing up grilling places and actual smoker places, which matters to me since I'm only interested if the meat has actually been smoked.