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May 6, 2011 05:03 PM

Singapore - Indonesian vs Malay fried chicken

First stop - Indo Kitchen at Lucky Plaza, as mentioned in M_Gomez's thread

Unfortunately, the Sop kaki kambing (goat's leg soup) wasn't available when I was there yesterday. Instead I went for the Ayam Penyet set which comes with a quarter of fried chicken, tempe, tofu, raw cabbage with a blow-your-tongue sambal, nasi uduk (coconut-flavored rice) & sayur asem. The chicken seemed under-fried & lacked the crispiness I'd expected. Sayur asem was perfectly balanced (sweet-sour) - love it. Nasi uduk was also scented with lemongrass. Okay meal - not dining destination stuff, but only if you happen to pass by there.

Second stop - insanely popular As-Shifaa (#06-52 Lucky Plaza). Come early as the queue can be killing. Tiny stall which serves up Malay-style fried chicken (turmeric flavored) with rice. You can also order sambal quail's eggs and bergedil (potato croquette). A clove-scented cloudy chicken soup was served gratis. Fried chicken was freshly done & crispy hot. Eggs & potato croquettes were served cold - ugh, but understood that's normal for Malay food. Frankly - not sure what all the fuss was about!!

Indo Kitchen
#02-60 Lucky Plaza
304 Orchard Road
Tel: 9665 6350

#06-52 Lucky Plaza
304 Orchard Road

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  1. I went to Indo Kitchen last week after reading the post by Gomez. Sop Kaki Kamping was not available too, but I ordered the Soto Betawi (basically beef coconut-based soup with rice). Pretty good for Singapore standard, much better than my expectation, 70-80% of the usual standard I had in Jakarta.
    Another stall you can try is Ayam Penyet on the second floor of Lucky Plaza, decent Ayam Goreng, Sop Buntot and Gado Gado.

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    1. re: FourSeasons

      I'm beginning to wonder how often Indo Kitchen serves Sop kaki kambing - it wasn't available on Monday as well. Ayam penyet was really good when I tried it a while ago. Also am addicted to Sop Asem :-)

      1. re: klyeoh

        I wonder what happened to their sop kambing now. Maybe it was too popular and they can't get enough stock. Are you all talking about Ayam Penyet Ria at Lucky Plaza? There are too many restaurants serving ayam goreng penyet there. My favourite place has been Resto Surabaya.

    2. I had lunch at As-Shifa today and the fried chicken is still to die for! It's still the best I've tasted.