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May 6, 2011 04:27 PM

Standing rib roast - aka roast beef

Have about a 5 pounder for Sunday.
How have you found the best way to cook? Have not done many/any in a looooong time.
Very hot heat, then turn down?


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  1. I do mine on the grill - rub with lots of sea salt and coarse black pepper - stuff all over with slivers of garlic - roast a 5 pounder for 1 hour and 15 minutes for rare to medium rare over indirect heat - first 20 minutes on high, the remainder at a medium heat,

      1. re: neobite

        Exactly. Very, very low heat until it's just short of the target temp, then a blast of the highest heat you can muster to crisp up the outside.

        1. re: neobite

          My favorite method too! And the detailed test results (w/ pics) are fun to peruse...

        2. Just want to clarify. Are you talking about a rib roast? How many ribs?

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          1. re: c oliver

            Semi bonless -- it's tied. Still ribs but not through the wholemeat.

          2. Assuming this is bone in, I would dry brine it in the fridge with a healthy sprinkling of kosher salt on it, and leave it uncovered in my fridge until about an hour before I want to roast it.

            This way, no need to use high heat, you can roast slow, at this point for a few hours, or roast at a higher heat for less time, but it will take less time to cook and brown, thanks to drying it out in your fridge first. I would use any reputable recipe's guidelines (heat & how long) to cook it, it's not that hard, then adjust by about ten to fifteen minutes (take it out and take temp), and remove it before it gets to your desired temp. Grilling is also a nice way to go.

            1. Do you by any chance have a propane blowtorch? I can't say enough about how well the Thomas Keller Ad Hoc at Home recipe worked for us. Basically, you season the roast, then scorch the fat on the outside, then put it in a low oven (I think we ended up at 300) until it gets to about 10 degrees below ideal temp. Cover with foil, and rest. Good crust, tender meat. Make sure you have a thermometer, as you will need it.
              Otherwise, I would agree with high heat for 15, then turning it down to finish.