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unglazed clay pot with lid

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Homemade yoghurt making. I've encountered threads that dead end. I am also looking for an unglazed pot that is 2L and has lid. Of a shape that is convenient for fridge. Has anyone seen such a product out there. I've seen Tandoori/Curry pots, Korean pickle pots, Chinese hot pot pots, even traditional yoghurt pots...all could work nicely...on google images...I even sent a potter studio an email.

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  1. Where are you located? Have you tried any of the T&T supermarkets? How about some stores in Chinatown? I've seen unglazed clay pots in T&T at the Middlefield location, not sure about other ones.

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      Thank you, will head over to Chinatown this weekend!

    2. How about a tagine?

      You can get unglazed clay tagines from Haven Furnishings. If you are interested, give him a call before you go over.


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        Good source, glad it is still active.

        1. Pomaire, aka Pomaireware, makes an unglazed clay bean pot with a lid that's just like a yogurt pot.