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May 6, 2011 04:04 PM

Empanadas in the 905

Been living here for years, but have yet to find a Chilean/Argentinian/etc. restaurant / take out spot that offers yummy empanadas. Anyone have suggestions? Willing to travel, but closer to home would be preferable.


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  1. The 905 covers a lot of real estate. East, west or north?

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    1. Not in Vaughn or area certainly that I know about. However, it is not far to drive down Islington Ave., south of Steeles where Mamma Mia at 28 Slatterly Rd. M9L 1E8 , phone 647-351-1477. They have perhaps Empanadas with 8 or 10 different fillings. You can sit down and have a pretty fine sandwich for lunch.

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        Thanks for that... Willing to give it a try.

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          I usually buy 6 or 12 to go depending on my whim, they go to a freezer and once thawed heated in an oven, but never a microwave which tends to kill breads, dough products suchas empanadas and jamaican patties! It is right on the north east corner.

      2. Hop on the 400 down to Jane and hit Juan Meat Market on Beverly Hills Dr. Best empanadas I've had. Argentinian style.

        There's also Bagel Flame in Aurora that is Jewish by week day and Colombian by weekend.