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Feb 8, 2006 10:41 AM

Emle's in Northridge

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Went to a great new place for breakfast today called Emle's. It is on Reseda north of Nordhoff and south of Plummer, across the street from Mandarin Deli (also a favorite in the area). Anyway Emle's is a transplant from Carmel, where they have had a place since 1955. They opened up down here 5 weeks ago because their kids go to CSUN. The owner, Nick, is very friendly. The atmosphere is relaxing with classical music piped in. The food and prices are remarkable. I had a spanish omelette and side of perfectly cooked bacon (right between chewy and crispy). The omellette was about $7. Lunche menu looks great with a variety of dishes all around $7. They also have early bird dinners between 4 pm and 6 pm at $10.00 and the menu is impressive. All in all, an unusually good place for the North Valley, which tends to be chain central.

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  1. Agreed, the owner is very friendly/attentive.
    Had dinner there with a friend a few weeks ago, who's had several good meals there. I wasn't crazy about the kabob, but that's me, not the food. They had olive oil/balsamic vinagrette dip and good bread, along with several homemade desserts. Had a good bread pudding, (though be forewarned it has a raspberry sauce drizzled on it with carmel...)
    Nice casual atmosphere...

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      Received rave reviews about kebabs and grilled shrimp for lunch so I tried the place. Very nice service, but tuna sandwich was stinky, slaw & potato salad seemed to come from the market deli, edible but not good and the burger was pretty bad, pre-formed patty. The bun was nice, though. Perhaps the menu is too ambitious and next time I should try the inexpensive dinner entrees for lunch if I'm conned into going again

    2. Best for breakfast -- try their signature funnel cake style french toast or I love the Calamari Benedict. Dinner was a bit disappointing.

      1. I mentioned this place when they opened up which was actually somewhere near a year ago. I love it. I don't go often because my wife has a bad stomach and can't handle the large amounts of garlic in everything. They try so hard.