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May 6, 2011 03:01 PM

Good to great Prime Rib

I've done some research and I find several restaurants that I like that serve prime rib, which I don't order very often. However, a friend of mine has been talking about finding a really superior prime rib and, since I rarely order it, I have nothing to offer.

Would any of you hounds have a go-to place for prime rib that you can recommend? If so, please let me know what sets it apart. I'm craving it now.

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  1. I had prime rib last week at the County Line on the lake. It was ABSOLUTELY marginal. The place that used to be Houston's was really good a few years ago. I don't have any recent data points, though.

    1. bartlett's (the old Houstons) still has a damn fine prime rib.

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        +1 on Bartlett's. Damn fine piece of beef.

      2. just got an email from tony c's, mentioning a weekend special, if anyone is interested:
        Coal Fired Prime Rib
        Prime Rib roasted at nearly 1000 degrees and served with Yukon mashed potatoes and broccoli

        1. If you want to try to holy grail of prime rib then you are going to have to take a leisurly 3 hour dive to Lawry's Prime Rib in Dallas. There is none better in the country. Once you have seen how it suppose to be done then you will be able to tell your friend that there really isn't anyone here doing it right. Bartlett's is good, but at $29 its probably just as cost effective to go to Lawry's! Good luck in your hunt and let me know if you make it to Dallas.

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          1. Howdy's in downtown Hutto under $20.

            I have had their prime rib on their Friday Night Special several times and it is very good as have been other dishes they serve.