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May 6, 2011 02:56 PM

Uncle Betty's?

Has anyone tries this new diner in the Yonge and Eglinton area where Lolo used to be? Driven by a couple of times and noticed Lolo painted all baby blue and realized it wasn't Lolo
anymore...found this review online of it from Post City local paper but wondered if anyone here had tries.

Lolo Restaurant
2590 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4P2J3, CA

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  1. i so so so wanted to like this place as it's right across the street from where i live.
    it was disappointing on many levels. it began with the inexperience (i'm trying not to use the word incompetence) of our sever.
    as a non-meat eater who has never had a problem eating at steakhouses, i had a problem chosing something to eat off the menu.
    i was moderately hopeful when i saw salmon 'hotdogs' on the menu. i asked our waitress what kind of salmon they were made of (won't eat atlantic salmon) but they were out.
    i settle on the 'blt' salad without the bacon. i asked for the dressing and aioli on the side.
    it was a meager/patheic salad. the arugula leaves were mixed with romaine leaves, my dressingless salad came with dressing and the avocado were hard as rocks (i informed the waitress and my response was 'oh, really?' and that was it).
    my friend and decided to share a (famous) donut and their version of a 'twinkie'...they had no twinkies.
    settled on 2 donuts that clearly had been sitting around for a while...dry, brutal texture, gummy and flavourles...they shouldn't be selling these unless they are right out of the fryer.
    i suggested to the waitress that they provide more vegetarian/less meat options on the menu and i was basically met with a blank stare.
    i will give this place one more chance because i so want it to be even 'half decent'...i'll cross my fingers for better luck next time.

    1. There is a recent thread on Uncle Betty's, which can be found using the Search tool:

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      1. Hey, just posted a review. We LOVED it. Anyplace with ice cream, donuts, hot dogs, mac n cheese, pulled pork sandwiches has my approval:) Cute decorating too.

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          If that's the criteria, you should try out 7-11! They have taquitas too!

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            Lol, I know it must sound like that! But this is all homemade goodness. Yum yum yum.

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              here is my review
              My husband and I went to Uncle Betty's today for lunch. The place is cute! They have lots of different ideas wrapped up into one place. They have a ice cream parlor. They have a donut making machine. They serve gluten free gourmet hot dogs. They have unique food options I have never had before. We each got their Grilled Cheese sandwich. It is a grilled cheese with mac and cheese and either pulled pork or meatloaf in it. To Die For! I would not think of this combo myself but I guess the owner made it one day at home and, it stuck. We split a ice cream stuffed donut topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Heaven. The owner stopped by our table. The fries are made by hand with a press. The donuts are made fresh daily. The pulled pork is made daily or overnight. I think this place is here to stay. This will be our once a month diner treat for sure.

          2. I've taken the family to Uncle Betty's a few times now and have been happy every time! My husband in is love with the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich and I've the mac and cheese and their hotdogs and enjoyed everything. Our server was also warm, friendly and very patient with my 2 boys (ages 2 & 4)

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              We tried it for brunch on Sunday and weren't impressed. Review in other thread.

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                Where is the review? Could you provide a link? Thanks!!

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                    Thanks, I used the Permalink feature to link directly to your post:


            2. My partner and I were there recently for a meal. Cute decor, very perky servers, but disappointing food. The pulled pork sandwich was dry - dry to the point I couldn't swallow the meat. No sauce, dry slightly stale bun, and the coleslaw (piled on the meat) was just shredded cabbage in some sort of beet-coloured sweetish dressing. My partner's sandwich (sloppy betty) was slightly better but nothing "wow" about it. Good sweet potato fries. The onion rings were tasty but were a very small serving, 5 I think, and not big ones either.

              So almost $50 bought... 2 sandwiches/sides and 2 sodas - that's a lot of moola!

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                Hopefully they can improve. My friend and I definitely won't return anytime soon.

                After eating the dismal $7 breakfast we were worried what the real food was like.