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May 6, 2011 01:23 PM

In Baltimore tomorrow (5/7/11) - need recs near Camden Yards!

DH and I have decided to take an impromptu trip to Baltimore tomorrow for the afternoon game and we're looking for food recs. We're driving down from NYC, so we're thinking of either getting an early lunch (11:30ish) near the park, or stopping on the way down for a hearty breakfast, then snacking at the park and having an early dinner after. We're not looking for 5-star (unless they allow baseball hats), but would love to try some local favorites. We'll eat anything but we both DEFINITELY want crabcakes! Alewife and Faidley's already under consideration. Hit me with your best, mustn't miss faves!

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  1. Within walking distance to the ballpark, I'd recommend a stop by Cross St Market. Not a huge market like Lexington, but fun with several good places for lunch. My fav is Nick's at the Charles St end of the market for steamed shrimp, raw oysters, and cheap big beers.

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    1. Hm, new twist - DH now wants to attend batting practice starting at 11:15, so it looks like we're not going to have time for a real lunch, although we should be able to get away to grab something (fried pickles at Pickle's Pub?) near the park. We'll do dinner after - doesn't need to be near the stadium, as we have a car, but would prefer not to stray too far from the direction we're headed (back to NYC). Thanks!

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        After the game, take Pratt Street east (it's one way ) after you pass Harbor Place (on your right )look for President Street, make a right then take the next left Eastern Avenue. Stay on Eastern Avenue about 6 miles.(go past Patterson Park on your left). Look for Conkling Street, from there streets will be alpabetical (Conkling St, Dean Street, Eaton Streett etc.) Then between Newkirk and Oldham Street look for ZORBA'S(on your left) 4710 Eastern Ave, great Greek bar/restaurant.. Get the lamb chops!! When your finished eating get back on Eastern Ave heading the same direction and you can get on I-95 heading north to NY!!

        Harbor Place
        200 E Pratt St Fl 4th, Baltimore, MD 21202

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          Just a heads up. Don't wear a NY hat into Pickles!!!!! Kidding, but be ready for a little or a lot of ribbing.

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            No worries - we're not native NYers and we're DEFINITELY not Yankee fans! I'll be sporting my Detroit hat with pride though!

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              LMAO.....good to know you're not Yankee fans!!!! You'll be ok with the Tigers hats on. It's NY & Boston that we hate. Hope you have a great time, it's a beautiful stadium. Stop by Boog Powells stand at the stadium for some pit beef. Not the best Pit Beef in the city, but it resembles a B-More classic.....

        2. FYI, the food at the ballpark has been seriously kicked up this year:

          Also, nearby B&O Brasserie is amazing. (I know, I post it all the time, but it really is that good!)

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            We actually ended up eating at Pickles and Faidley's before the game, but we did see some really good looking sandwiches around the park - we'll keep that in mind for next time! We hit Alewife afterwards and loved it - great beer selection, good crabcakes, awesome smoke burgers. Baltimore could be habit forming!

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              Eh heh heh that's one of our biggest problems...

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                Glad to hear you had a good time!!!
                Thanks for your follow up remarks! So few people do!!!