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May 6, 2011 12:54 PM

Do you think its worth joining Costco in Vancouver?

moving to van soon, will hopefully be living around west end area and just wondering would people recommend joining costco? I know some supermakets can be pricey so to avoid heading out to Canadian superstore would you advise joining costco?
Is one likely to make the cost of membership worthwhile taking into account I cook a lot at home

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  1. For a family maybe for a single person No and I too love to cook @ home.

    Of course others may find it worthwhile but the relentlessly middle-of-the-road focus for grocery products in a place heaving with specialty stores and new discount options like No Frills (there's one in the West End) mean Costco is yesterday's option.

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    1. re: Sam Salmon

      From an adjacent thread here it seems Costco does offer some less-common food items:

      I was a member for almost 20 years before deciding it's better to go there on my parents' Costco gift card than to continue my own membership for self-discipline reasons [grin]. If cost is the only issue as a single person, why not do a joint membership deal with a few friends (ie: you buy membership, they pay you split-membership costs, you all go shopping together). A joint deal like that also helps with splitting large Costco portions. No, you don't need a gallon of Miracle Whip all by yourself unless you have mayonnaise fetish or you're making a batch of potato salad for 50 people ......

    2. My spouse and I find sufficient value for the 2 of us.
      Some non-food items can generate savings that pay for the cost of membership. The amount i save each year by buying my contact lens at Costco pretty much pays for the membership. Tires can be a great buy there too.

      Food wise - it makes sense if you know you'll use up the large sizes, otherwise you'll end up with a lot of waste (eg, the giant jar of mayo that can't be used before its safety is questionable). I'll buy it at Costco if it has a long enough shelf life, or is something we'll use up in quantity (eg. the giant box of steel cut oats set us up though the whole winter).

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      1. re: kinnickinnik

        sossy should have pointed out i'm not single so there will be two of us and I must also point out that my girlfriend does have a mayonnaise fetish so its sounding more tempting by the minute. I might just check it out to see what they have. Thanks a million for all the replies.

        Also having looked at other posts on costco I couldn't find much about the quality of meat there apart from one or two quite specific respinses, anyone know in general is the price good for quality beef and also do you have to buy a seriously large quantity that no right minded person would eat by the use by date.

        1. re: Ultron

          Yes, the price for their beef is good and the beef is good quality - triple A and you sometimes can find Prime. Their butchering is not as pretty as you would get at a good butcher shop, but for the savings I get I don't mind and you can buy a whole filet or strip loin and cut the steaks yourself. Their roasts are really good too. Very good prices on pork as well - their back ribs are great!

          1. re: Ultron

            LOL !

            If she (or you) also have Heinz ketchup/mustard/relish fetish, then you're Costco members for life ! ;-)

        2. We found it to be cost effective whilst we were purchasing lots and lots of diapers. Now my ass muscles are back to full working order i have no need to go.

          1. Volume volume volume in the food department. If you buy a family pack of prok chops and vacucm pack the 4 other pcs to use a later date then it's ok. As for Toilet paper, paper towels kleenex then it's great only if you buy the Kirkland brand which usually cheaper than name brands. If you eat a lots of fruits and veggies or give your juicer a workout go for it.

            Some people especially at Sam's club share the memebership card at checkout.