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May 6, 2011 10:50 AM

SOWA famers market + Gilson's Lyceum CSA questions

My husband and I went to the SOWA farmer's market last weekend for opening weekend, and I have to say we were really disappointed. There was only one real farm stand there, everything else was prepared foods, and the selection of food in general was tiny! Is this normal, or should I expect it to get more exciting as the season goes on? We're coming from NYC, where we're used to buying all of our groceries (barring canned goods/cereal) at the local farmer's market for very reasonable prices. Can I do that in the South End?

Also, it seems like Gilson's Lyceum is the only CSA offering pickup of fruits + veggies near us. Has anyone tried their CSA in the past...Can you recommend it? The principle (credit for the season) sounds really nice and flexible, but we're concerned about prepaying for something we really know nothing about....

Any advice welcome!

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  1. The Copley farmers market- Tues/Thurs in front of library at Copley square has many more stands and options. Try that when it opens later in May.

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      Thanks for the recommendation! How late is it open? I work until after 7pm on both those days, and I don't know if I'd ever make it in time.

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        What neighborhood do you work in? There may well be a farmer's market nearby where you could shop during a lunch break.

    2. Farmer Dave's also has a CSA drop off at Boston Medical Center on Friday. We're going on our second year with them, and am pretty pleased.

      Stone Soup also has a pickup near South Station, so that might be near you as well. We used to get a share from them, but Farmer Dave's was more convenient for us.

      The SOWA farmers market used to have someone from Russo's sell produce there, but it declined and stopped. Then the welcome development of the food trucks came in. By the end of last season, there definitely was more than one farm stand going, but judging from last year I can't say that it will be predictable.

      1. There is a monthly discussion of farmers Markets, farms stands and CSAs. Here's a link to this months conversation.

        This time of year there is not a lot to be had at Northeast farmers markets. The selection will grow as the season progresses and as more customers support buying goods from local sources year round.


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          Thanks for the recommendations and the link to the monthly CSAs. I'll have to check all of the above out. It's a little disappointing to hear SOWA only gets one reliable stand per season. Will definitely have to look elsewhere for veggies.

          1. re: emmtilt

            The thing is, the SOWA Open Market isn't a farmer's market, so it's probably unfair to judge it as such.

            There are plenty of actual farmer's markets around town - try this website to find ones on days and/or in neighborhoods that work for you: