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May 6, 2011 10:48 AM

Birmingham/Alabama tornadoes and restaurants

As you make your plans for eating out this weekend and in the weeks to come, think of the independent restaurants in areas hit by the tornadoes.
In the Cahaba Heights community, which was hit by an EF2 tornado on April 27, the restaurants have started to reopen this week after being closed for a week with no income. Restaurants like Yankee Pizza, O'Carr's, Blackwell's, Mudtown, Pita Stop, Miss Myra's and Olive Branch need customers. Same goes for markets like Sexton's Seafood (still reeling from the Glf oil spill last year).
That's the case elsewhere in the state where disasters like this have such a huge impact on small businesses. Support your neighborhood or local restaurant and/or watering hole. In many cases, it's a matter of their survival.

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  1. An EF-5 was a couple miles from my SIL (I think the same tornado that hit T-town) but fortunately wasn't in a hugely populated area. They're in Meridianville. She hasn't told us of any businesses damaged but I'm sure there are.

    On a related note we tried a place on US 231/431 called Taters n Dawgs last month and were very impressed. They're having a fund raiser to help those in need. Check out their FB event page and attend if you can. The food is fantastic.