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May 6, 2011 09:45 AM

Fishing for the Best


Me and a friend were recently discussing of all things food, and we hit a snag in the conversation when it came to fish. I'm a huge fan of Tilapia and Snapper, she's a big fan of Salmon hands down. She believes that nothing comes close to a baked piece of salmon, I so beg to differ. So I post the question; Where are you from? What is your favorite fish? How is it best prepared? And what restaurant serves it just the way you like it?

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  1. OK, I'll take the bait . . .

    NJ. Striped Bass. Lightly dusted with flour, sauteed, butter-lemon-garlic pan sauce. Restaurants can't serve it.

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    1. re: MGZ

      This. NJ Striped bass is a marvelous fish.

      Some of my other favorites:

      Butterfish/Sable/Black Cod.
      Patagonian toothfish aka Chilean sea bass
      Korean yellow croaker
      ...and of course, bluefin tuna.

        1. re: Hungrierthanever

          Respectfully, I wish you would confine your love to watching them alive.

      1. Being a Pacific NW'er, I am spoiled when it comes to good, fresh fish. My favorite is salmon, especially Copper River which is available during a limited time in the spring. I don't know if it is marketing hype or if the particulars of swimming in that river really does produce superior salmon. I just know that my mouth waters in anticipation every May. I like it best simply prepared--grilled with butter and lemon.

        1. I grew up in coastal North Carolina, in a family that fishes a lot, both in the brackish rivers/sounds and deep sea near the Gulf stream. I haven't met a fish I didn't like (except the football sized oyster toad I caught few years ago), and only a few preparations I dislike (primarily pickled or fermented). My favorites are flounder and other mild/white fish prepared Calabash style - very lightly breaded with cornmeal and fried. I rarely eat Calabash style seafood in restaurants, there are very few that get it right.

          1. Kind of like choosing a favorite child but I'll bite too.
            I live in Colorado so no regional preference when it comes to the ocean fish. Love salmon (wild-caught Soho or Sockeye is way better than farm-raised Atlantic stuff) seared flesh side down, flipped, seasoned (tarragon butter is nice) and finished in the oven. This is my go-to preparation. Grilled is nice too if cooking outside.

            If I am eating a white fish, I will always choose Halibut, Orange Roughy or even Cod over Tilapia.

            A good cast iron cooked Rainbow, Brown or Brook Trout on the camp fire on a cool morning camping in the mountains for breakfast can be a truly transcendental experience as well.

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            1. re: LorenM

              I'm a big fan of Tilapia and all the ways in can be prepared , but the first time I tasted Halibut it made me think twice.

            2. Tough to choose between that perfect piece of bluefin toro nigiri (I know, I know), freshly caught pan fried trout and a nice think piece of halibut.