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Italian Restaurant in North End Boston - Any Suggestions

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I'll be in Boston on Saturday night and looking for an authentic Italian restaurant in the North End. Thanks.

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    1. Why was my comment removed? As I understand "authentic Italian," there are no such restaurants in the North End that qualify.

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        Agree, it's pretty much Italian/American.

      2. I'm a fan of Taranta (beginning of Hanover St.). I think their menu is a little more interesting than most of the Italian places there (they are Peruvian) and the atmosphere is very cozy.

        1. Marco, perhaps.

          253 Hanover St., 2nd Flr., Boston, MA 02113

          1. Have you done a search for "North End" on the Boston board? You'll find tons of threads. Agree with Bob and Treb. Never been to Italy, but I don't think most of them offer the kind of food I've read/heard about from folks who've traveled there. However there are lots of places where you can get a good meal, there are at least a couple dozen restaurants in the neighborhood and the menus range from pricey/sophisticated to red-sauce Italian-American to pizza. Your price range, ages and number of folks in your party, would be helpful for making suggestions.

            On this board, Prezza consistently gets the best reviews. Agree with missfoodie about Taranta, and I also like Monica's on Richmond St.

            If you don't like dealing with crowds and lines (Sat. night in the North End is usually very busy on weekends this time of year) there are good Italian restaurants in the Back Bay that take reservations - Via Matta and Sorellina are just two off the top of my head.

            24 Fleet St., Boston, MA 02113

            Via Matta
            79 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116

            1 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02116